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Glenn Beck Attacks Robert Greenwald And Brave New Foundation Over SB 1070 Billboard: “This is Who’s Controlling Your Country!”

Reported by Ellen - August 12, 2010 -

Glenn Beck smeared our friends and associates Robert Greenwald and Brave New Foundation Wednesday (8/11/10) on his radio show. Beck was in a conspiracy-minded snit over an anti-SB 1070 billboard put up in Phoenix reading, “Have your papers ready, racial profiling just ahead.” With his usual paranoia, Beck didn’t just dislike the billboard, he told his audience that it’s part of an effort to “hijack this country” by those who are “controlling this country.” Beck then exhorted his listeners to “get involved… to get way out of your comfort zone… (and) reprioritize.” What, exactly, his listeners were supposed to do was not clear, at least not in the clip I heard. I must have missed it when Beck talked about leaving his own comfort zone.

“There is a coordinated effort to devalue everything that you value. There is a coordinated effort to hijack this country… with a friendly face,” Beck said gravely. He went on to discuss the billboard in Phoenix purchased by BNF's group, Cuentame, after raising funds through Facebook.

In typical Beck fashion, he urged his listeners to do his dirty work (without specifiying what that is) and do the sacrificing. He continued, “Gang, you are going to have to get involved. You’re going to get way out of your comfort zone… You’ve got to now reprioritize.”

“I promise you, you will go back to the life that you had before – Not the same kind of life that we had where, you know, the money will never end… But I don’t think that’s what Americans really truly value. In the end what they value is being able to live their life the way they choose to live their life… Being good to each other and just living in a decent community. That’s what Americans cherish, not the car, not the Mercedes, not the big house.” What Americans really care about, said Beck are, “Family, friends, community. Values. Principles.”

So when can we expect Beck to get out of his $4 million mansion comfort zone to fight for what really matters? How about his promotion of the not-so-glittery Goldline company? And Glenn Beck University? Surely his $23 million a year earnings allow him to teach his students out of his sense of community and not charge each one $10.00 a month. Funny how Beck didn’t mention what he was prepared to sacrifice.

Instead, he fear mongered about what would happen if YOU don’t sacrifice. “I promise you, if you get involved now, you will be able to go back to that lifetime (of family, friends, community, values, principles). If you do not, not only will you not go back to that life, your children will not and maybe your grandchildren. So you’re gonna have to get involved.”

Beck went on to read off a list of organizations that BNF is supposedly “partnered with,” apparently reading from its page of friends. Beck listed some of his favorite boogeymen: ColorOfChange.org (“That’s Van Jones’ organization”), ACORN, ACLU, MoveOn.org, etc. He somehow overlooked Oxfam America, Operation Soldier Assist, Metropolitan Community Churches, Unitarian Universalitst Ministers Assocation, The Shalom Center and Military Families Speak Out, for example.

“Let’s just track these back to the Obama administration,” Beck said ominously. Not that Beck offered up any real connections beyond his say so.

He continued, “This is it, gang. This is who’s controlling your country! And now they’re coming with Brave New Foundation. It’s all they do is just change their names.”

We’ve known Greenwald since 2004 and BNF since its inception. It’s news to us that they’re controlling the country! I’ll bet it’s news to them, too.

One thing that is abundantly clear is that Beck wants any and all progressive voices silenced and his weapons of choice are demagoguery and fear mongering – all the while raking in the dough for himself.

As Greenwald wrote in an email, "Beck is angry because we consistently point out the mistruths in his and Fox’s propaganda. We must be prepared to keep fighting and defending our rights."

One way to fight back is to make a donation to Brave New Films. You can really make a statement by doing so in Beck’s name!

You can let Beck know we will not be silenced by emailing him at me@glennbeck.com.

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