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Brian Kilmeade Is “Friend” To Refusnik “Hard Hat” Islamic Center Opponent

Reported by Priscilla - August 12, 2010 -

Brian Kilmeade is vehemently opposed to the Islamic Cultural Center which will be built near "Ground Zero." He called it an outrage and asked if the Muslim community is gloating about building the mosque. He said the presence of an Islamic Cultural Center, two blocks from “Ground Zero,” is taunting victims of 9-11. To support his opposition to the “Ground Zero Mosque,” he has interviewed those who support his position. He allowed Glenn Beck pal and rabid homophobe, Pastor Jim Garlow, to present a skewed version of history in which the Christians were brutally oppressed in Cordoba although the truth is that during the Cordoba Caliphate, Christians, Jews, and Muslims lived in prosperity and harmony which ended with the Catholic “Reconquista.” Garlow also pushed the “Christian” xenophobic anti-mosque meme that Muslims put up mosques as shrines to their victory when the reality is that they erected mosques in conquered territories for the same reasons that churches were erected in places where Christians conquered and brutally suppressed the indigenous population. His interview with a Canadian Muslim and an American Muslim, who is really a Christian, were meant to show Muslim “widespread opposition” to the mosque. But lately he’s ratcheted up his anti-mosque rhetoric to the point where he seems to be actively supporting those who are organizing petitions and group activism against the mosque. In so doing, he has joined hate radio types, like Rush Limbaugh, who are also promoting a “hard hat” who is refusing to “lift a finger” (phrase used on Fox video) to build the mosque and is urging anybody, who might be called upon to work on the mosque, to join him. Nice to see Fox “News” getting involved in community organizing!

This week, Kilmeade interviewed construction worker Andy Sullivan, the son of Irish immigrants, who said that Satan “visited downtown” on 9-11. Andy runs “Blue Collar Corner,” an anti-Obama/Democratic website. Included on the website is the “hard hat pledge” which is a petition for “hard hat” and other workers to sign if they refuse to work on the “mosque.” The text of the thread, connected to the petition, mentions how, on 9-11, NY Muslims “celebrated in the streets.” He cites all of the right wing smears against the Imam of the mosque. Mr. Sullivan had already made his debut on the weekend Fox & Friends crew on Sunday (August 8th) where he discussed how he’s “refusing to lift a finger” to build the mosque and is urging other construction workers to do the same. He claimed that “this has nothing to do with religion or Muslims” and that if the mosque were moved a mile away, he would help the Imam (whom he smeared on his website) to build it. On Tuesday, August 9th, Andy Sullivan appeared on Fox & Friends. Alysin Camerota and Clayton Morris played the interview in a straightforward manner. In his subsequent interview with Brian Kilmeade, Kilmeade's sentiments, however, were more obvious in his interview about the “Hard Hat Pledge” which is being popularized on rabidly anti-Islamic websites such as this.

Sullivan covered the same territory that he did on the weekend Fox & Friends. Kilmeade began with a reference to Sullivan’s website. Sullivan said that opposition to the mosque “is a matter of “decency” in that this was “the worst attack suffered in our history.” Obviously, Sullivan learns his history from Jim Garlow as he parroted the inanity of Muslims putting mosques on conquered territory. He worked in a smear of Mayor Bloomberg whom he accused of “purchasing” his third term. He cited how Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich have weighed in on the issue and claimed that “thousands” of people are with him. When Kilmeade said that the Imam of the mosque claimed that the only property available was near Ground Zero, Sullivan, in a not so subtle smear of Charlie Rangel, said that maybe he should ask Rangel who has probably “forgotten about a building or two.” Kilmeade said “very good point.”

Comment: Although I’m not as Irish as Sullivan, I do have Irish DNA in my blood. Thus, I would ask him if remembers his history of how the Irish were denigrated when they came to this country – denigrated in the same way that many opponents of the Islamic Cultural Center are denigrating Muslims. However, if he says it’s not about religion, I’ll take his word for it. But it is, clearly, about the exposure that Fox & Friends can bring to a cause such as Andy’s. He expresses his gratitude to Fox: “Fox and Friends have truly been a friend to Blue Collar Corner. Thanks to their help letting me put my ugly mug on the T.V. it has generated enormous exposure and attention for a mission that I am completely dedicated to. The letters and comments I have been receiving have moved me like nothing before in my life.” He tells ”Bare Naked Islam”: The good people at FOX News invited me to speak on the subject of our “911 Hard Hat Pledge”. Well I certainly was not prepared for the reaction I got which was explosive! Tens of thousands of hits and comments on the Blue Collar Corner site. The comments that were left were extremely moving..." Nice to know that mosque opponents have a friend in Fox News.