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Time For Hannity To Man Up About Blaming Clinton!

Reported by Ellen - August 11, 2010 -

Television's Number One Hypocrite, Sean Hannity, was in a bullyboy pique last night (8/10/10). No, not about someone peeping at his poolside paunch, but because President Obama has been talking too much (in Hannity's view) about the mess President Bush made during his presidency. Hannity commanded Obama, ”Man up!" and “Stop whining about President Bush.” It's nothing short of hilarious for Hannity to be complaining about such a thing, considering he blamed almost every ill during the Bush administration on President Clinton.

Hannity began the segment by complaining that Democrats are "invoking the name of George W. Bush” to stir up their base.

“I am sick and tired of this,” Hannity continued. “Barack Obama, you begged for this job… You campaigned for this job…. He’s had it for nearly two years. Stop whining about President Bush. You know what? Sit at the table, man up! Put your pants on! Make decisions, take responsibility… Stop with the whining. Bush, Bush, Bush! You’re president two years!”

In that case, Hannity should consider putting his own pants on.

As recently as May, 2010, Hannity was blaming Clinton for 9/11;

In 2006, Hannity tried to make the Mark Foley scandal about Bill Clinton.

In 2008, Hannity even tried to blame Clinton for the health problems of our troops in Iraq!

In fact, Hannity so fixated on the Clintons, that former co-host Alan Colmes once quipped, "Enough already with the Clintons! ...You can’t even say hello… I’m gonna say 'How’s the weather?' You’ll say, ‘The Clintons.'”

You can contact the show at hannity@foxnews.com and tell Hannity: Man up! Put your pants on!

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