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Gretchen Carlson Does Another Biased Rifqa Bary Report

Reported by Priscilla - August 11, 2010 -

Rifqa Bary, an Ohio Muslim American girl, converted to Christianity and ran away from home to live with a fundamentalist Christian group in Florida. She was eventually taken into custody by the state of Ohio. (Time line of case here) Rather than a simple child custody situation, her case became a cause celebre with the Christian right community and Islamophobe Pam Geller. As it was such a very big deal to right wing Christians, to whom Fox appears to direct much of its programming, it was covered extensively on Fox & Friends, as well as other Fox shows including one in which neo-con Frank Gaffney spoke of “creeping Sharia” in conjunction with this case. Gretchen Carlson provided support for the Christian side of the issue in a number of segments in which her bias was clearly evident. (Here, Here, Here, Here) Ms. Bary has turned 18 and is now legally “emancipated” and is looking forward to preaching the Christian gospel. The gag order, which bound all parties, has been lifted. So is it any surprise that good Christian Gretchen Carlson would interview Bary’s lawyer and in the process allow the same kind of smears against Bary’s Muslim parents that were being promoted by the “Christian” right wing and good Christian Gretchen Carlson. But while in past segments, she just blithely went along with whatever right wing lies were being told about this case, Gretch, in this segment, might have actually told a lie which is, of course, a violation of one those commandments that Gretch so loves.

The propaganda was so obvious. Carlson opened with the tape of Bary, in court, saying that although she loved her parents, she feared for her life. Carlson then interviewed Bary’s newest lawyer, Kort Gatterdam, about “exactly what was happening” in the case. After Gretch said that she understood that Bary is trying to reconcile with her parents, Gatterdam said while she was trying to do that, Bary sent a note to her parents saying that they needed to understand why she left home. He brought home the propaganda with “she doesn’t forget what happened and still is in great fear of them.” Gretch then asked about his “evidence” that “her life was in danger.” He claimed that the “evidence” was in text messages, phone calls, and conversations with others which showed that the threats were “very real” and that because her parents “won’t own up to it” it’s preventing reconciliation. Gretch asked about her immigration status because “she is here illegally as are her parents.” Gatterdam said that the court issued findings that could give her special juvenile status which will result in her becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident.

Comment: What a piece of propaganda. Once again, the good “Christians,” aided and abetted by good Christian Gretchen Carlson, are able to present their side of the story in which Bary’s Muslim parents are smeared as abusers. What good Christian Gretch didn’t say was that Bary admitted, in court, that she was unruly in running away from home. Not mentioned was that Bary wrote a note to her parents thanking “helping her be a successful student. But what is probably Carlson’s most important omission is that “authorities in Florida and Ohio did not find credible threats to her safety.” Rather, Carlson opened with Bary’s allegation of abuse and then allowed Bary’s lawyer to say he had “evidence” of abuse. Real “fair & balanced!” But what could be a lie, on Gretchen’s part (oh, no), was her statement that her parents are illegal. According to a local Fox website, the immigration status of Rifqa’s parents is “unclear.” According to the “Columbus Dispatch,” the Bary’s are “pursuing immigration status.” As a propaganda piece, disguised as an interview, this Fox & Friends segment was beneath the level of most of their, as the awesome Rachel Maddow would say, “bullpucky.”

From Pam Geller's Rifqa Support Rally In Ohio