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Vacation Police Hannity And Malkin Exchange Conspiracy Theories About Michelle Obama’s Trip To Spain

Reported by Ellen - August 10, 2010 -

Sean Hannity, the multimillionaire who ponies up nearly $100,000 a year in property taxes for his 16-room waterfront mansion, whose speaking fee includes private jet travel, who charged $50,000 in travel expenses for a speech he “volunteered” to give at Brigham Young University, is apparently banking on the fact that nobody will notice his hypocrisy in complaining that Michelle Obama’s trip to Spain was too sumptuous. Or that he has previously attacked President Obama as being anti-capitalism. Hannity also trotted out his vacation police deputy, sanctimonious sourpuss Michelle Malkin, to help spin conspiracy theories about what evil might yet remain uncovered about this nefarious trip.

As Media Matters noted, the right wing has been hyperventilating with hatred over Michelle Obama’s trip, accusing her of being Marie Antoinette and “living the high life while America suffers.” Not surprisingly, Fox News followed suit. The non-story about Obama’s trip was on at least five different Fox News shows today: Fox & Friends, America Live, O’Reilly Factor, On The Record and, of course, Hannity.

“The first lady was living it up on the southern coast of Spain… What sort of message does this over-the-top vacation send to the American people, many of whom are still looking for work?” Hannity said. Like he only takes staycations from that mansion on the waterfront. You know, the one where he’s obsessing someone might see him and his wife sunbathing by the pool?

I’d love to know what kind of working-man accommodations Hannity made when he went to Cincinnati last week, for the $100-125 a ticket Freedom Concert, which does not tell purchasers what portion of their ticket price goes to charity.

Hannity added that taxpayers are paying for the food and lodging of about 70 Secret Service agents who "tagged along" with Michelle Obama. Of course, those same Secret Service agents would have accompanied Mrs. Obama wherever she went on vacation, a point that neither Hannity nor Malkin seemed to think of. Or maybe they’d just prefer the Obamas not have any Secret Service protection at all.

Malkin, sanctimonious as ever, sneered about the optics of Michelle Obama’s designer dress and shoes. Can there be any doubt that if it were the left sneering about Cindy McCain, that Malkin would have been fuming that it signified the left’s hatred for capitalism and, by extension, America?

“These are Chicago cronies that we’re paying for to globe trot at a time when so many people… are feeling the pain,” Malkin said contemptuously. Of course, taxpayers were not paying for the so-called cronies’ travel.

That’s when Hannity brought up his conspiracy theory. Pointing out that President Obama was alone in Chicago while his wife took her high-profile trip, Hannity asked, "Maybe I'm nuts here. 'Cause her husband was hanging out in Chicago all this time,.. Nobody was paying any attention. Do we know where he went? ...Was this a distraction from what he (Obama) was doing? They had to know this was going to create an uproar.”

“It all comes back to Chicago. It's the theme that i've been talking about in Culture of Corruption (her book),” Malkin said, baselessly suggesting something corrupt was or had been afoot. She added, “The woman that (Michelle Obama) travelled with to Spain - a doctor at the University of Chicago Medical Center!” Yeah, so? The woman is also the obstetrician that delivered the Obamas' two children. Maybe that was all part of the conspiracy. Rather than explaining, Malkin went on a self-righteous tear about “other questions in the public sphere that we ought to be hammering Michelle Obama about.”

“This is a let them eat cake moment,” Hannity said, to a peal of cold laughter from Malkin.

“If that cake was paid for (by) the taxpayers, we have every right to criticize her stuffing her face in front of the American people,” Malkin spat.

You can contact the show at hannity@foxnews.com and Malkin at writemalkin@gmail.com.

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