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Steve Doocy Provides Pulpit For Conservative, Persecuted, Patriot, Pupils

Reported by Priscilla - August 10, 2010 -

Steve Doocy is a conservative. Conservatives don’t like it when libruls don’t play by the rules. But when right wing students decide to violate rules, it’s elevated to the level of Martin Luther King Jr’s civil disobedience. This morning, the three morning patriots reported on the “dumb” rules that initiated a request, by the Washington DC Park Police, to tell a bunch of conservative students to stop their impromptu singing of the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial because it violated policy. Later in the show, Steve Doocy, still flush with patriotic indignation at this transgression against these young, conservative patriots, interviewed Evan Gassman, a leader of the pack (Program Officer) at the right wing Young America’s Foundation, who is also indignant that he and his fellow young ideologues were told to take their song stylings elsewhere. Evan is outraged over this injustice to young Republican patriotism and Fox & Friends is hoping that you are too! Keep your eye on the prize, Evan, and some day you will overcome!

Former weather guy and MENSA member (not) Steve Doocy, his usual whiny voice lowered in righteous indignation, reported that a “group of students was told to stop signing at the Lincoln Memorial.” Doocy showed the video of a non-diverse group of students. A whiny female voice was heard saying “who says we can’t sing the National Anthem.” Steve claimed that the kids were told to “shut up” by the Park Police. (One wonders if that was the choice of words; but as Fox & Friends don’t usually interview the non aggrieved party, we’ll never know.) Doocy added that the singing was “apparently considered an illegal demonstration.” Steve could hardly contain his excitement as he described how this patriotic demonstration developed. Evan said that they didn’t think there was anything wrong with it and “hey, let’s sing the National Anthem…” (Let’s put on a show!!!) Evan Gassman, who interned for Laura Inghraman when he was at Catholic U., said that the policeman told them to “quiet down” - “essentially” telling them to shut up. Showing his best clown face, Doocy described what happened after the students were told to stop singing: “and then, in an act of civil disobedience, the kids sang the song.” (A “freedom song” just like during the days of Civil Rights protests!) He said that they decided to sing it again, “louder and prouder.” (Too bad some “60’s” folks weren’t there to counter with a loud and proud “Fish” cheer. Give me an F, U….) Gassman described it as a moving scene because others joined in. Doocy said that these kids, from all over America, came to Washington "to celebrate the greatness of America and to be told that you can’t sing because it was an illegal demonstration, that is just dumb.” (Oh, the irony of "dumb!") Gassman said that, for many students, it was their first time in Washington and when they look back to their visit to the Lincoln Memorial “this is what their going to remember, it’s really unfortunate.” Doocy agreed and said that “sometimes government gets so big that they forget what’s important.” (WTF?)

Comment: Hey Steve, if you were “fair & balanced,” you could have said that the Park Police stated "that performances, regardless of content, are banned to maintain a contemplative and reverent area for the Lincoln Memorial, for the other guests and visitors” and the students would have been in compliance with policy if they moved 25 steps from where they were standing. And Steve, they’re celebrating the greatness of conservatism - not America. Any conference that hosts hate mongering homophobe Jason Mattera, to present a speech titled“Don’t Become An Obama Zombie,” isn’t about greatness. George Allen, also a guest speaker, referred to an Indian American man with a racial slur. That’s not American “greatness.” But hey, it’s diverse. Former Ohio Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell, will be there to talk about “Obama's Power Grab: A Clear and Present Danger to Our Fundamental Charter of Liberty.” And talk about greatness – Tim Goeglein, from Focus on the Family, will be there. He resigned from the Bush administration after having admitted to plagiarizing newspaper columns. But what a shame - young, conservatives being told to STFU. All I can say is boo, freaking, hoo.

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