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Megyn Kelly Gratuitously Prods Gary Sinise Into Attacking Obama DOJ Over Military Absentee Ballots

Reported by Ellen - August 9, 2010 -

Actor Gary Sinise visited America Live earlier today, ostensibly to discuss his work helping wounded soldiers. But Megyn Kelly, who is supposed to host one of Fox News’ objective programs, blatantly tried to push him into criticizing the Obama administration over its handling of a military absentee ballot law, a subject Sinise obviously knew nothing about.

This military absentee ballot “controversy” just happens to come from the same GOP activist, J. Christian Adams, who brought us the phony New Black Panther scandal – the same scandal Kelly and America Live endlessly promoted only to drop it like a hot potato once accusations of race baiting got under her skin. Media Matters deconstructs this latest GOP-based attack by pointing out, among other things, that Adams has put forth no specific evidence that the DOJ is “encouraging” states to get waivers in order to avoid the provisions of the law.

But regardless of the merits of Kelly’s insinuations, Sinise was clearly in no position to know anything about it. What point was there in dragging these accusations into the Sinise segment if not to take gratuitous digs at the Obama administration and, perhaps, get Sinise to join the pile on?

With her trademark indignation, Kelly introduced the segment with Sinise by saying, “Two former DOJ attorneys now alleging that the Department of Justice is not enforcing the law that protects the voting rights of military men and women serving oversees. The DOJ denies that accusation but Senator John Cornyn of Texas (she neglected to mention that Cornyn is a Republican, though a graphic on the screen identified him as such) is demanding answers and is set to meet with officials from the Department of Justice about the matter this week.

Actor Gary Sinise is an outspoken supporter of the troops and has a very special project in the works right now to help them.”

Kelly continued, to Sinise, “I want to get to this project that you’ve been working on, tirelessly, in just one second. But first, I just want to ask you about this news because – just for our viewers who haven’t been following this. Essentially, the Department of Justice is supposed to enforce the law that requires absentee ballots that our troops use to vote, i.e. in the midterm elections. They’re supposed to get those ballots mailed out to them at least 45 days before they’re supposed to vote and several states are not in compliance. And the DOJ is supposed to be the one requiring the states to comply so they’re not disenfranchised just because they’re overseas, fighting for us in Iraq and Afghanistan. The accusation is that the DOJ is not enforcing that law, is not interested in enforcing that law and isn’t filing any lawsuits to enforce that law, something the DOJ denies. But now, it’s sitting down with a powerful Texas senator to try to convince him that it is obeying the law. Gary, your reaction to the thought – I mean, the allegation, at least as it stands at this point - that our Department of Justice may not be protecting the right to vote of those who are sacrificing blood and treasure to protect that right.”

Sinise looked a bit uncomfortable during that introduction. He not only had no personal knowledge of the issue, he seemed to have no knowledge about it at all. “If that’s true, then we have to get to the bottom of it and make sure it’s fixed,” he said. He added, “You’ve got people denying that it’s true but for various reasons, people suspect that that might not be the case. So I’m glad that somebody’s looking into that.”

Thankfully, Kelly gave up the game at that point and moved on to discuss Sinise’s project.

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