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Fox & Friends Promote Pro-Arizona, Anti-Immigrant Song

Reported by Priscilla - August 9, 2010 -

Fox “News” does seem to promote the musical stylings of the xenophobic right wing. Fox “News” pimped “Press 1 For English” – a happy ditty about how terrible it is that “real” (read English speakers) Americans have to deal with un-American business that offer customer services in languages other than English. (read Spanish). This song, which in the quaint regional (not ethnic, please!) accent of the singers, sounds like press one for Aynglish, was pimped by Mike Huckabee (who described it as "lighthearted"), Jon Scott, and featured on Fox Nation. Bill O’Reilly featured Ray Stevens anti-Obama song (with "funny" death panel joke). Megyn Kelly pimped Ray Stevens’ offensive, anti immigrant song. She also gave free “PR” to the dude who penned a teabagging anthem. So it’s no surprise that this morning, our favorite “real” American chums on Fox & Friends promoted a song which promotes Arizona and in the process insults those immigrants who come here to find work to feed their family – work that is often done in horrible conditions with less than fair wages. The song has the added plus of being anti-Obama. But as with Stevens’ immigrant song (no, not the one sung by Led Zepplin) his “humor” is directed towards the immigrants and not those who employ them. If you love bashing immigrants and Barack Obama, in song, look no further than America’s right wing bandstand – Fox News.

This morning, the gang on Fox & Friends promoted their upcoming interview with musician Brian Haner whose new (I love Arizona and I hate immigrants and Barack Obama) song, which “defends” Arizona, is an “internet sensation.” During the brief interview, songster Brian Haner, whose Arizona song is on You Tube, said that he supported Arizona 1070 and felt that the boycott of Arizona is an “act of idiocy.” Peter Johnson said that his song is “catching on like wildfire.” Haner also said that he’s “on tour” (with comedian Jeff Dunham) and that the song gets “100% approval every time he plays it.”

A summary of the song - Haner begins with lyrics about how “times are tough” but “there’s a place where there’s gonna be jobs real soon.” He continues “I’m gonna move to Arizona where they enforce the law…I can always find work standing outside of home depot” and proclaims “God bless Arizona.” He says that he “might get a job a Denny’s doing dishes on the weekend’ and that he could work at McDonalds where, “when you place your order, you might be surprised that I speak English too.” While he sings the chorus, “I’m gonna move to Arizona where immigration is fine,” an image of a taco falling to the street is shown. He describes Arizona as a place where “everyone is welcome as long as they stand in line.” A “policeman” is shown looking in the window of a parked van where a copy of the first part of the constitution is propped on the wheel with a sign over it saying “you might want to read this.” It appears that the decoration in the van is Mexican? He says that he doesn’t care if he pisses off Hillary Clinton or the president of Mexico. He brays about how we elected a new administration “thinking they might care” and “we can’t afford medical insurance because we’re paying for that.” (And voting GOP will change that how?) He then climbs on top of a moving van to continue his song. While singing about how we only have ourselves to blame for Obama he says that “we can change all that in 2012.” A visual of a sign saying “Danger, Wrong Way, Turn Back," has an Obama 08 sign. The next scene is a traffic sign warning that this is an illegal immigrant crossing. Behind the sign is a family who is running to a group of people, some of whom look Hispanic (?) along with one "nun," who are smiling and dancing to the chorus “God bless Arizona.” The end is a sign with “will play for states rights.”

Comment: It’s interesting. Haner did another video, “Grandma was a racist,” which was really funny and too true. He must have known my grandmother!!! It’s a complex world.

Oh and about this song being an internet sensation - So far it has 237, 286 views. “Pants on the Ground” (from American Idol) has 6,945, 115.