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Newt Gingrich Gets An Earful About His Marriage Hypocrisy

Reported by Ellen - August 8, 2010 -

Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich probably got more than he bargained for when he posted a statement on his website criticizing the recent overturning of Prop 8, California's ban on gay marriage. Gingrich called the federal judge's decision an "outrageous disrespect for our Constitution... Congress now has the responsibility to act immediately to reaffirm marriage as a union of one man and one woman as our national policy." Gingrich's readers didn't quite see it that way. They pulled no punches challenging the hypocrisy of a thrice wed, wife cheater like Gingrich holding himself up as any kind of moral authority on marriage. (via AlterNet, Lawyers, Guns and Money, and Tom Scocca at Slate.)

Some favorite comments:

Newt you cheated on your first wife then dumped her when she was in the hospital with cancer. Later you cheated on your second wife with a 27 year old congressional aide. Maybe you should pipe down about defending marriage. (dce1)

No, I want to hear more from the twice-divorced man about how marriage has to be reserved for one man and one woman. I wonder if the two former Mrs. Gingriches would testify as to Newt's reverence for marriage.

Or, does Newt simply mean one man and one woman at a time? I wonder how secure the third Mrs. Gingrich feels about her hubby's dedication to her and to his vows. (kittybrat)

For Mr Gingrich, Limbaugh, and other serial monogamists on the right, marriage equals one man plus one woman, minus one woman, plus one woman, minus one woman, plus one woman, minus one woman, .... ad infinitum.

Surely such is their god's will? (akanton)

Which one of your multiple marriages was the most sacred to you? (Filmhub)

Hey Newt, thanks for reminding everyone about the sanctity of marriage. Because everyone knows that you are the MODEL of marriage stability. Committed same sex couple marrying=bad. Straight guy cheating on his wife=good. We get it now. (Anita Mann)

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