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Hannity Dismisses Patriot Act Concerns, Obsesses About People Seeing Him In A Speedo Via Google Earth

Reported by Ellen - August 7, 2010 -

Sean Hannity has been in a tizzy lately over the news that the town of Riverhead, N.Y. has used Google Earth to find unpermitted swimming pools in their community. Hannity doesn’t just feel that it’s government intrusion onto private property, he seems most concerned that someone will see him and his “big fat stomach” laying around his fancy swimming pool. In the first place, Hannity’s complaint is wildly hypocritical given that he is gung ho for warrantless wiretapping and gaga for the Patriot Act. In fact, Hannity loves the Patriot Act so much, he wouldn’t even let his Democratic guest bring it up for comparison. But Earth to Hannity: You might want to consider redirecting your anger to Google instead of the government of Riverhead. Unlike the federal government which uses its own resources to eavesdrop on your phone calls, snoop into your library records, etc., Riverhead is merely using a free service available to everyone. In other words, we can all probably see your tum-tum in the lounge chair just as easily as they can.

In actuality, I’m pretty sure nobody can see Hannity by his pool via Google Earth. It just doesn’t seem to work that way. If I’m wrong, somebody let me know in the comments with a link to demonstrate, please. I feel even more confident that nobody in the Riverhead government is going to be angling for a peep at his poolside paunch because Hannity lives in Centre Island, about 60 miles away.

But now that he has spent so much time carping about how he looks in a bathing suit, I’ll bet there are legions of fans out there – OK, maybe just dozens – who have leapt to their mousepads to oogle via Google. Don’t worry, Sean, I didn’t.

During the Great American Panel segment of Hannity Thursday night (8/5/10), he griped about the Riverhead gawkers, “They could catch us in our backyard in your Speedo – I don’t wear one by the way – or your bikini, and I’m thinking, this is like a 1984 nightmare!”

Dave “Mudcat” Saunders was the only Democratic guest on the three-person “Great American Panel." ”Did you think we still had a Fourth Amendment to the Constitution?” he asked. “It went away (via) The Patriot Act.”

Hannity quickly interrupted. “Forget the Patriot Act! I don’t want the government peering in my backyard, counting my trees and looking at me, my big fat stomach in a pool!”

“They can do it anyway,” Saunders countered.

“What do you mean they can do it anyway?” Hannity said, outraged. “They ought not be able to do that!”

Saunders said, “The Patriot Act, if they’d a-called it what it was, a Patriot attack on our Fourth Amendment individual rights.”

Hannity interrupted again and began banging on the table. “It. Is. Not. The. Same. Thing as peering into your backyard, seeing if Hannity’s wife is wearing a bikini!”

“They probably are,” Saunders said.

If nobody was already, somebody almost certainly is trying now.

(H/T Scott B)

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