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Sean Hannity Vilifies Muslim Cleric After Giving Free Pass To Catholic Priest

Reported by Priscilla - August 6, 2010 -

Sean Hannity, a Roman Catholic, is also a right wing ideologue. And as part of his right wing ideology and his connection to Fox News (a mouthpiece for the right wing) he is doing his best to vilify the building of an Islamic cultural center several blocks away from “Ground Zero” in NY. Interestingly, Hannity is not in synch with those members of the Catholic clergy, who stood behind NY City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in his speech about tolerance regarding the building of the Islamic cultural center. Rather, Hannity is doing his best to smear the Imam, who is “behind the building of the mosque,” as an Islamic "radical" who is supposedly connected to terrorists. Yet, while Sean Hannity was supporting ex NY mayor Rudy Guiliani’s presidential primary bid, Hannity never mentioned a word about Mr. Giuliani’s friend and employee, a Catholic priest, Father Alan Placa who was accused of sexual abuse. Perhaps it’s because Hannity has an “old school tie” with Placa; as Father Placa taught at Hannity’s “alma mater,” St Pius X High School. Perhaps it’s because Placa is close to Rudy – Placa was best man for Rudy’s second marriage. But it is interesting because if this had been a Democrat, “palling around” with an accused child molester, one suspects that Hannity would not have been so – ah – silent. But hey, Placa was cleared by the Catholic church, in December of 2009, of all charges so it’s all good. Meanwhile, his alleged victims are not so good. Good thing Placa wasn’t a Muslim cleric. Different strokes for different folks – especially if those folks are Muslims!!!!