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Neil Cavuto And Dana Perino Whine About Blaming Bush, Forget About Attacks On Clinton

Reported by Ellen - August 5, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

Although there seems no limit to what’s permissible to be said about Democrats for Fox News, when Republicans are in the crosshairs, it’s all of a sudden no fair. On Monday’s Your World With Neil Cavuto (8/2/10), former Bush administration spokesperson Dana Perino joined the show to bash the Democrats for being too critical of Bush. Yet both Cavuto and Perino conveniently forgot about the bashing of former President Clinton that has continued on Fox ten years after he left office.

“George Bush, evil genius! …And don’t forget that George Bush was also Lucifer,” Cavuto mocked. He began with Perino by saying, "This is getting old. You know, it’s just getting old.”

Perino agreed, "It's getting old, and the thing is, it’s not working for them.

Besides forgetting how it never seems to get old when it comes to blaming Clinton, Perino also overlooked a recent Bloomberg poll showing that most Americans blame Bush for unemployment, the deficit, and the Afghan quagmire, and say that things would be worse if McCain had won.

Perino continued, “If you look at all the polls across the board, that kind of rhetoric works well with their base… What they have lost is faith from independents… Eighteen months on, I don't think there's a lot of people worried out there about what President Bush would do right now, and in fact it's interesting to hear President Obama talk about how the GOP doesn't have any new ideas. I actually think that 18 months later, trying to get credit for their stimulus that didn't work… Instead of patching up the economy with chicken wire and duct tape, what are the new policies that they'll do, and they're not articulating them."

Cavuto offered only the mildest balance. "My contacts at this White House, …they’re all telling me that they’ve done their own tracking polls that show… when asked, ‘Well, would you prefer to go back to the prior President,’ they overwhelmingly say no. So they (the Democrats) see that as their wedge."

Perino said, "What a sad thing. After 18 months, that that's the choice people think that they have? We're bad, but we're not as bad as the other guy."

"There is a bigger point, is there not?" Cavuto asked. "What is the statute of limitations on the prior administration?"

Perino said she thought it ran out last year. She added, "Now, it’s basically like a joke on Saturday Night Live that of course they're going to blame President Bush for everything from the weather to whatever else it might be."

She left out how it’s a joke on The Daily Show how Republicans are whining about Bush being blamed while they still blame Clinton.

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