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Martha MacCallum Don’t Need No Stinking Tolerance

Reported by Priscilla - August 5, 2010 -

“America Live” is supposed to be a “fair & balanced” news show. But if that’s true, then how can we account for today’s kvetching between Fox’s Martha MacCallum (filling in for Megyn Kelly) and right wing writer and radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt, during which they got all a twitter about those nasty, bad libruls who are just so out of touch with America.

As examples of how out of touch the nasty bad librual are, MacCallum cited nasty bad things like the lawsuit against the Arizona immigration law (nasty, bad brown people), the NY mosque (nasty, bad Muslims) which, according to Martha, has sparked “nationwide interest,” and same sex marriage(nasty, bad gays). Martha said that her guest, Hugh Hewitt ,claims that these issues show that government is out of touch with Americans. (Note to attorney and "elite" Harvard Law School grad, Hugh – the gay thing is a court issue involving tacky civil rights) Hugh was all hissy about “liberal elites driving this country far to the left.” Hugh got even more hissy about “one liberal judge in San Francisco deciding that 2,000 years of Western Civilization doesn’t matter.” (Note to Hugh –google Joseph Smith). Hugh got even more hissy about NY City’s Mayor Bloomberg who “insulted” those who opposed the NY City “mosque.” He noted that politicians should take heed for the fall elections. “Fair & Balanced” Martha said that “either folks are going to figure this out if they want to save their you know whats in the election season in November” (You mean “asses,” Martha) “or they’re going to obstinately continue to ignore these issues and they’re gonna get thrown out.” Hewitt said that “the American people will not be treated as cultural serfs.” (Note to Hugh- gays really don’t like being treated as second class citizens.) Martha smiled vacuously and shook her head in agreement. She kept her mouth open as Hugh proffered more pearls of right wing wisdom. MacCallum said that her new BFF Hugh “touched on something that’s very essential to this conversation and you talk about people being made to feel that they’re morons and a lot of folks listened to Mayor Bloomberg, the other day, about the mosque situation and his tone was clearly that if you don’t understand why you need to be religiously tolerant and allow this mosque, then you’re just not getting it…”

Oh, snap – brilliant agitprop. Martha MacCallum of Fox “fair & balanced” news, presumes to interpret Mayor Bloomberg’s comments in a way that will create even more cultural divisions. Bravissimo Martha. Listen up, “real” (white, Christian, conservative) America, that nasty, librul, Muslim symp NY Mayor hates your real American guts. In case you didn’t notice, he’s talking down to you. A moment of irony when, after defining what Bloomberg was “really” saying, MacCallum said to her “real” American audience, “that’s what you’re being told.” Hugh said that “she nailed it” and that Americans don’t want a mosque near “ground zero.” Oh, snap, that’s what they’re being told by Fox News. Hugh then said that Americans who don’t support gay marriage aren’t anti-gay. (ROFLMAO!!!!) Hugh said that the Prop 8 decision was “thinly argued.” When Hugh compared the court decision to “putting four parkas on Mick Jagger, he’s still skinny and outrageous,” Martha giggled. (Note to Hugh – Hugh, can the comedic stylings. They’re really quite lame.)

Comment: I know Megyn Kelly can be partisan. But I do admit that she’s an intelligent woman. Next to Martha MacCallum, she looks like Albert Einstein. But hey, if ya want “fluff” news, tune into whatever Martha MacCallum is hosting. As a feminist, I’m loathe to use the sexist term “dumb blonde” but if there was ever a stereotype, Martha does seem to fit the bill!