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Glenn Beck Supports White Nationalists On Twitter

Reported by Guest Blogger - August 5, 2010 -

By Aria P.

It's no secret that Glenn Beck cares about racism- he cares about it so much that he spent the last year and a half obsessing about it. Among his greatest hits are: calling Obama a racist with "a deep-seated hatred of white people,” claiming that our black president wants reparations, lecturing that race relations were “right on track” before the Civil War, and fixating on Robert Byrd’s stint in the KKK as a youth when commemorating the late senator. In fact, Beck cares so much about racism that he was recently caught with a tweet from the white nationalist organization Malevolent Freedom on his favourites list Wednesday (08/04/10). Screencap after the jump.


Malevolent Freedom, which actually sports "White Pride Worldwide" in its logo, made a guest appearance on Glenn Beck's Twitter favorites. When Beck was outed on it by StopBeck.com, his entire favorites list disappeared. But it gets better...

It seems the folks at MF are fans of Beck's, having recently described him as "The rising star of quasi-news, who blends current events, history, and opinion into a savory cup of tea" and saying, "Glenn Beck is making impressive inroads into the mainstream mindset." Their own response to the incident has also been supportive of Beck, as well as defensive of themselves. Here are a few entries from Twitter:

@StopBeck Statement? Interview? Ive noticed a few things were said about my site and its ideology- but I have yet to be approached? (link)

If people only knew that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and even MUHAMMAD loved our website- then the #Beck thing wouldn't matter that much. (link)

RT @MAfreedom: Im glued to #Beck- half expecting him to say something about me. (link)

When it comes out that @JustinBieber favorites my tweets too...then the scandal will really start! (link)

I’m sure there’s more on their forum, but registration is mandatory, and I did not want to sign up.

Will Beck acknowledge his actions and take a stance on the rhetoric he supported, or will this end up being another instance akin to Sean Hannity/Hal Turner? Hey, I’m just asking questions…

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