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Megyn Kelly’s Fear Mongering About Amnesty Contradicted By Fox News’ Actual Reporting

Reported by Ellen - August 4, 2010 -

Megyn Kelly, whose America Live show airs during what is supposed to be part of Fox News’ "objective” news programming, was back to fear mongering about “untold numbers of immigrants getting amnesty!” yesterday (8/3/10). As I previously reported, Kelly has been hyping the claims of 12 Republican senators who have accused the White House of planning to use an administrative procedure to grant amnesty to some illegals already in the country. I have yet to see Kelly produce any hard evidence that this is actually in the works and she has ignored evidence to the contrary in President Obama’s record. On yesterday’s show, Kelly seized on a provision in a draft US Citizenship and Immigration Services memo from last spring as some kind of proof that widespread amnesty is imminent. Yet Fox News reporter James Rosen told her that the memo had never been sent to the Agency’s director and that its authors had not advocated large-scale amnesty. But Kelly ignored that information and continued to fear monger that perhaps millions of illegals might soon get amnesty.

Kelly introduced the segment by saying, “A group of Senate Republicans are now demanding hearings! Congressional hearings into a controversial government memo on immigration. This memo essentially out of the Department of Homeland Security. The memo talks about ways that the government can help illegals avoid deportation. It says in part, ‘In the absence of comprehensive immigration reform… (Department of Homeland Security) can extend benefits and protections to many individuals and groups by issuing new guidance and regulations. This would allow thousands of individuals to become lawful, permanent residents.’”

Kelly then gratuitously and inflammatorily added, “I want to tell you, folks, they are saying just one portion of their plan would allow thousands. We don’t know whether it’s thousands or millions who would be affected.”

Kelly brought out reporter Rosen to relay the Democratic response.

Rosen said, “This draft memo…. was addressed but, officials say, never sent to the Agency’s Director. And although the memo explores, as you just noted, Megyn, various ways to extend the stay in this country of illegal immigrants, its authors also stated in the memo that they were not advocating making a quote, non-legislative version of amnesty widely available to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.”

Rosen went on to add, “The White House says it does not support amnesty for illegal immigrants.”

What neither Rosen nor Kelly bothered to point out that is that the White House doesn’t just say it doesn’t support amnesty, it has actually not supported amnesty. As Media Matters noted, via ABC News, the administration has specifically rejected proposals to halt deportations for large groups of people. Furthermore, the Obama administration has deported record numbers of illegals. Somehow none of that information got relayed in this discussion.

While Rosen was given a few minutes to transmit Democratic response, Kelly brought on conservative talk show host Neal Boortz to argue in person the other side. Boortz also got considerably more time than Rosen got. Still, Kelly more or less ignored what Rosen had said – and Obama’s record on deportation – in order to continue her fear mongering. Rather than focus on any of the information put forth by Rosen, she said to Boortz, “You’ve got a dozen or so Senators (she forgot to mention that they are GOP Senators) who want Congressional hearings on whether this administration is trying to bypass Congress and essentially grant a form of what critics call amnesty to UNTOLD (her emphasis) numbers of illegals. Do you think that this is, in fact, a power grab by the administration when it comes to illegals?”

Boortz not only validated the fear mongering, he upped the ante. “Look, Barack Obama has shown disdain for the rule of law in this country. He did it with the bailout of General Motors. He’s done it on several occasions. Why should we all of a sudden think that he is going to respect the laws of this country when it comes to immigration?”

That was going a bit too far for Kelly who, except for her race baiting, is not the kind of fire-spitting ideologue that, say, Sean Hannity is. “Let me challenge you on that,” Kelly said. “To say he doesn’t respect the rule of law is pretty far out there.” And just when I was about to start giving Kelly some props, she went on to more or less verify what Boortz had just said. Citing health care, “pushed through on reconciliation,” the appointment of Medicare and Medicaid head Donald Berwick via a recess appointment as “an end (run) around Congress,” using the EPA to “push through his agenda” on cap and trade, Kelly added, “Now, in the wake of all that, we get this news about immigration reform.” Notice how the possibility of amnesty had been turned into "this news about immigration reform." She added, “My question to you is, are you too far out there in saying he doesn’t respect the rule of law or is it more just that he finds innovative ways to get his agenda through?” In other words, Kelly was asking, does Obama disrespect the rule of law or does he just figure out ways to legally get around it?

Of course, Boortz didn’t think he was “too far out there.” He said, “This is a man who has distinct goals for this country, for his administration and for his party and he is clearly not going to let the law or the constitution get in his way.”

That was the end of the pushback from Kelly.

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