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Fox News Website Engages In Gay Baiting Re Prop 8 Decision

Reported by Priscilla - August 4, 2010 -

A US District Court Judge in California ruled that "Proposition 8" is unconstitutional. It was a victory for those who support basic civil rights – the right to marry the person that you love regardless of race (the 14th "anchor baby" Amendment took care of that) or sexual orientation. West Hollywood Rabbi Denise Eger, who is married to a woman, hailed the decision and said that “In our country, marriage is very much a civil right, and yet we also ensure freedom of religion -- and freedom from religion.” But despite the jubiliation from those who support same sex marriage (And I am, proudly, one), Judge Vaughn B. Walker’s decision has not been met with jubiliation from those on the religious right. So the question is how will Fox “News,” as the mouthpiece for the religious right, treat the issue. We don’t know how the nightly “opinion” journalists will treat it as their shows were probably filmed before the decision was rendered. So one wonders how they will treat this issue in the following days. Will they interview the usual suspects from “Christian” legal groups like the “Alliance Defense Fund,” to opine on how this is an attack on sacred, biblical marriage? Or will they smear the judge? Oh, wait – here’s something on the Fox website which was written before the decision: “Why Has Media Ignored Judge’s Possible Bias In California’s Gay Marriage Case.” The author of the article, right wing, anti-choice Gerard Bradley, says “Walker’s opinions about marriage and sexual preference could be related to his own homosexuality…This raises an important and serious question about his fitness to preside over the case. Yet it is a question that received almost no attention.” So I guess that heterosexual judges shouldn’t rule in marriage issues for straights? Or Republican appointed judges shouldn’t rule in cases involving Republicans. But I'm sure the Fox talking heads will give this a "fair & balanced" perspective. Let the games begin!