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OOPS! Fox News Mistakes Shirley Sherrod For Maxine Waters

Reported by Ellen - August 3, 2010 -

Well, I give Greta Van Susteren props for admitting her mistake and (rightly) talking about how bad she feels for it. But how on earth could such a thing happen? I mean, I know we all make mistakes but I can't help but think that this one happened because some Fox News producer couldn't tell Shirley Sherrod from 10-term Congresswoman Maxine Waters... because, um, you know, all black people look alike. (H/T Gina O)

Van Susteren writes on her GretaWire blog, in a late-night, 8/2/10 post called, OOPS...we so screwed up on this one and we are sick about it...What happened? I hate to tell you but we need to fess up to this one. Somehow when we were talking about Congresswoman Maxine Waters during the news show, tape went up on our screen of Shirley Sherrod and not Congresswoman Waters. Yes, a very bad mistake and a painful one for which we are very apologetic. We really don't know what to say and there is nothing that you can post to make us feel better (not that we deserve to feel better!) This mistake was bad, very bad and we are immensely sorry.

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