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One Fox News Photo Worth A Thousand Words

Reported by Priscilla - August 3, 2010 -

Fox News knows its demographics quite well. It knows that second to illegal immigrants and their “amnesty” loving pals in the Obama administration, Fox fans aren’t fans of Muslims. Thus, Fox News provides ongoing support for those who oppose the building of a NY City Islamic cultural center near “ground zero” – not, as Fox defines it, “on” the site of 9-11; but two blocks away. Today’s lede on the Fox News website is a report on how today’s panel vote, by a NY City landmarks panel could clear the way for the building of the Islamic Center which includes a mosque. The accompanying photo is interesting because of all the visuals that Fox could have run, it chose a picture, to my way of thinking, of the stereotypical “ugly Americans” flaunting their bigotry to the world. There are many NY City residents, including Mayor Bloomberg, who support the building of the Cordoba Center. Is this a Fox editorial comment and a shout out and validation to Islamophobic Fox readers as it certainly reflects their way of thinking – a thought process that has led to a wave of vandalism against American mosques the most recent being in Texas. Or is this no more than an attention getting visual? Thing is that the Fox News website is supposed to be “Fair & Balanced.” This photo shows just one side and a belief articulated by Newt Gingrich. Coincidence or design?

Update: Despite Fox News, the NY City Landmarks Commission voted against granting landmark status to the building where the proposed Islamic cultural center will be built, thus paving the way for future construction of the center. Guess not enough folks followed Sarah Palin's call for refudiation!