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Gretchen Carlson Promotes Planned Parenthood Praying Protester

Reported by Priscilla - August 3, 2010 -

The good Christians on “Fox & Friends” have never seen a persecuted Christian that they didn’t love – especially those Christians who are interrupted in their prayers by evil emissaries of the evil government who are clearly in league with Satanic forces. Recently, the little angels on Fox & Friends provided warm, Christian fellowship for Christian students who were told to take their praying off of the steps of the Supreme Court building. This week there has been another outrage against praying Christians which, while getting lots of play in Christian anti-choice media, is a non starter in the evil mainstream media. But not so for Fox “News” which, yesterday, on its website “broke” the story of an anti-choice zealot who got arrested for violating Chicago’s new “bubble zone” ordinance which limits those who harass women entering abortion clinics to no less than 8 feet from the building. Joseph Holland claims he was only praying the Catholic rosary; but authorities allege that he interfered with women who were entering the clinic as well as loudly chanting his beads right into the ear of a clinic escort. The Fox article linked to a video done by the Thomas More Society which is supplying his defense attorney. And today, Thomas More Society lawyer Peter Breen and his client, Joseph Holland, appeared on Fox & Friends. While Gretchen Carlson played the interview relatively straight, without the usual smiley affirmation, the propaganda was still in evidence.

This morning’s “Fox & Friends” segment was an “exclusive.” Gretchen Carlson began the segment with the Thomas More video which purports to show that the rosary dude was just so peacefu and totally innocent. She reported that he was charged with disorderly conduct for violating the “bubble zone” ordinance. As she spoke, the ever popular “praying hands” graphic was shown next to the chyron: “Disorderly Conduct? Man Arrested For Praying Outside Clinic” (Fact Check – no, arrested for violating an ordinance.) Gretch looked very serious as she introduced Breen and Holland. As Holland professed his innocence, the praying hands were replaced by “arrested for praying.” (Fact Check – no, arrested for violating an ordinance.”) More agitprop in the next chyron: “Praying in Public, Pro-lifer Arrested Outside Planned Parentood.” To Gretch’s question of whether Holland was inside the 8 feet, Breen claimed that the “bubble zone” ordinance, while prohibiting protestors from approaching a client (yelling fun stuff like “mommy, mommy don’t kill me” or “baby killer” and pushing lurid and medically incorrect pamphlets onto those walking into the clinics…), does not prohibit anybody from standing still within the “bubble zone.” Gretchen asked if the man standing next to Holland (guy with “Men Regret Lost Fatherhood” sign – gotta love the guilt trip!) was arrested. When Holland said no, Gretch asked if he thought if that “was odd” that somebody “holding a sign with a big statement” as “opposed to somebody quietly praying” wasn’t arrested. (Fact Check –Holland was also charged with attempting to block access. That was in the Fox website article). Breen claimed that Holland was “targeted” by a Planned Parenthood volunteer. Gretch asked Breen if there were any other reasons why the Planned Parenthood would have called the police. Breen claimed that the clinic volunteer was “offended” because Holland had taken her “spot.” Breen said that the police had “no evidence” to arrest Holland when, according to the Fox article, Holland blocked access to the clinic.

Carlson read a statement from Planned Parenthood about how the “bubble zone” protects clients from intimidation after which she asked Holland if he felt he was being intimidating. Naturally, he said he wasn’t and continued with his view of the power of prayer against abortion. When Carlson asked Breen what he thought “actually happened,” Breen said he couldn’t understand why Holland was arrested and that up until this week there had been no arrests under the ordinance. He speculated that Planned Parenthood is using “intimidation” in “trying to get people like Joe off the street.”

Comment: Breen, on the Thomas More website, cites the “great interview” on Fox & Friends and that's not surprising. Through her line of questioning, which not once referenced the blocking of access to the clinic and the loud chanting of the rosary (talk about intimidating), Carlson provided a pulpit for Breen. Not only does the anti-choice movement have a friend in Jesus, they have one at Fox News.

Update - According to the Thomas More Society, Chicago has dropped charges against Holland. Holy Mary, mother of God....