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Fox News Hypes “Do It Yourself” Health Care Reform Lawsuit Against Obama Administration

Reported by Ellen - August 3, 2010 -

On Friday night’s On The Record (7/30/10), substitute host Dana Perino was all chirpy as she suggested that viewers might want to join a Republican Congressional candidate's class action health care lawsuit against the Obama administration. Perino said, “You’ve heard about states suing the federal government over health care, but what if you want to do it yourself? Turns out, you’re in luck. Our next guest is suing the feds and several top Democrats and more than 25,000 other Americans have joined the lawsuit!”

Perino welcomed lawyer and Congressional candidate Van Irion and asked, “Tell us, how can people join the lawsuit if they want to?” The way to do so, it turned out, was to visit his website. Perino's question just happened to give him the opportunity to plug his site. Her question, served as a GOP twofer, if you will, for Fox.

And in case that wasn’t enough gushing, Perino also called it “a very gentlemanly thing to do” that Irion delivered the lawsuit in person to Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office and the White House.

As Think Progress’ Ian Millhiser noted, “Of course, Irion’s challenge has virtually no chance of succeeding, as even ultraconservatives like Justice Antonin Scalia reject the constitutional arguments against health reform." Not that Perino seemed to think of that.

Millhiser continued, "During the health care debate, Fox repeatedly touted Republican claims that eliminating frivolous health care litigation is the key to driving down costs nationwide. Someone needs to tell Fox that tort reform starts at home.”

It's worth noting that On The Record is supposed to be the one prime time show hosted by a liberal.

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