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Steve Doocy Suggests Obama Politicizing Border Troop Deployment

Reported by Priscilla - August 2, 2010 -

As Jon Stewart recently said to Fox News, “nothing Obama does will ever make you f*cking happy.” A perfect example of this principal is the newest right wing whine about how Obama is not fulfilling his commitment to having National Guard troops “at the border on August 1st” because the troops aren’t there yet. Of course the fact that Obama actually said that troops will “begin to be deployed” on that date and that “deployment” is a process that takes a period of time seems to be lost on those, at Fox, who will use any excuse to smear the President. Not surprisingly, Fox & Friends is aiding and abetting this talking point (which Fox’s Greg Jarrett whined about on Saturday) by enlisting the support of a right wing Arizona sheriff who just might be taking over Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s position of Fox News’ Arizona law enforcement BFF! This morning, Steve Doocy interviewed Paul Babeau, Sheriff of Pinal County in Arizona. Babeau, who has appeared on “Political Cesspool” (a white nationalist radio show) and the Alex Jones radio show (“9-11 was an inside job”). One can understand Fox's affection for Babeau who, like those in the tea potty, believes that we’re heading down the road to socialism by a president who is “undermining” the rule of law. So it’s no surprise that Fox News, which as of July 15th had interviewed Babeau 18 times, would be interviewing him again in an attempt to push this newest example of right wing unhappiness!

Former weather guy and “Mr. Happy,” Steve Doocy launched into agitprop mode right away with the comment that Obama “promised that 1200 National Guard troops would be at the border by August 1st.” (Fact Check – he said “begin to be deployed” by August 1st. The DOD statement says the same.) Doocy added that “only a small number have shown up” and asked, his annoyingly high pitch voice going higher, “but will they wait until November just until those mid term elections?" (Like the “October surprise?”) His agitprop chyron: "Game of Politics?1200 Natl Guard Troops Have Not Arrived." He introduced Sheriff Babeau and did some shtick about “how we’ve been promised that there would be 1200 Guardsmen down at our Southern border by yesterday” (see above fact check) “now they say ahh maybe by the end of August or September” (voice getting whiny again) “what is going on there?” The agitprop chyron supported the agitprop: “Broken Promises, Pres.Obama Pledged 1200 Troops By August 1st.” Babeau provided more agitprop with this response about how “you don’t need to be a detective to figure this one. Right on the eve of the September election…this is a national security threat.” He claimed that Arizona needs 3,000 “armed soldiers.” Doocy worked in perfunctory propaganda in support of the Arizona immigration law when he asked Babeau if he supported the law which “would give you the tools to crack down on illegals in this country.” (Yeah, gotta love that “racial profiling!”) Babeau said “absolutely.” Agitprop chyron: “Politcial Move, Deployment Now On Track For Elections.” He added that the law is still inadequate for “what we need” and that’s why troops are needed. Agitprop chyron: “Still Waiting for Troops, AZ Lawmakers Confused and Angry.” (Yeah, like that’s anything new!) More agitprop from Doocy who claimed that Obama has “a different plan.”

Doocy then showed a video of Obama, on the CBS “Early Show,” talking about the demagoguery of the immigration issue. (Oh, the irony!) Babeau shook his head as Doocy said that it sounded like Obama is “taking a shot at what you’re doing down there.” (No, Steve, he’s taking a shot at the kind of demagoguery that’s taking place during your interview!). Babeau agreed and said that “this is a huge crisis.” He then claimed that Obama’s first response was to put up billboard signs to “warning our own citizens to stay out of our land and our desert because of armed gunmen.” (WTF? Is he referring to the bogus claim that an Arizona wildlife range has been closed?) He then said that Obama “dragged them into court rather than giving us the help that we need.” Doocy nodded his head, as Babeau repeated that this is a “huge crisis…” because hundreds of thousands are coming in “from countries of interest that sponsor terrorism as well.” (Really? That dude who was trying to blow up Times Square didn’t sneak in over the Mexican border.)

Comment: As noted by Homeland Security Chief, Janet Napolitano, the August first date is a “starting point” for the deployment of troops. Jay Ahearn, former commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, says that “You don’t just turn a switch and have this happen overnight.” But Steve was never in the military so maybe he just doesn’t understand what goes into troop deployment. Or maybe he’s just pushing more border hysteria when the facts indicate otherwise? Or maybe he’s pushing another attack on a president who makes, if not Fox News, its audience f*cking livid – ya think?