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Fox News Website Promotes Video Made By Christian Anti Choice Law Center

Reported by Priscilla - August 2, 2010 -

Lest there be any doubt that Fox “News” is a conduit for anti-choice propaganda, one has only to look at the three secondary ledes, under the main lede, on the Fox News website. In between important stories about Charlie Rangel and Iraq withdrawal is a report titled “Abortion Clinic Prayers Get Man Arrested.” While this would make an interesting article for their religion section, the fact that it’s a featured item is – ah – questionable? The accompanying Fox article reports that an anti-choice zealot, who was loudly praying outside a Chicago abortion clinic, was arrested for violating the new “bubble” law which limits the access of those who harass Planned Parenthood clients to a boundary of no less than 8 feet from the clinic. This dude was loudly “praying” the Catholic rosary and engaging in other alleged harassing hi-jinks when he got busted. So far so good. But wait, there’s more which isn’t quite so good. But then this is “fair and balanced” Fox. I know that’s true cuz they say it on their website.

The Fox article links to a You Tube video which is clearly anti-choice. Not only is it titled “The “Alleged” Crime of “Disorderly Conduct” but it has little annotations superimposed on the video which “prove” that the Christian was getting a raw deal. But what really takes the cake is that the video was produced by the Christian anti-choice law group, “the Thomas More Society,” that is representing this guy. It gets even better. There’s an article about this on the anti-choice “Life News” in which “Peter Breen, Thomas More Society executive director and legal counsel, said he is glad Fox News brought national attention to what is happening in Chicago.” He’s so happy about Fox’s coverage that he screen printed the Fox News website page, with the article about yet another persecuted Christian, on the Thomas More website. He urges his followers to vote in the Fox “poll” about this “outrage.” But here’s the clincher – can you guess what Fox morning Christian show, specializing in persecuted Christians, will be featuring the rosary dude, tomorrow morning? If you guessed Jesus’ BFF’s on Fox & Friends, you get five years knocked off your Purgatory sentence – which is the same thing as watching Fox & Friends who, tomorrow, will be showing off their “Hail Mary Pass?!” Breen urges his fans to watch Fox & Friends. Praise the Lord and pass the altar wine!