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“Fair & Balanced” Bill Hemmer Advances Fox Meme: Delayed Border Troops Adding To Border Chaos

Reported by Priscilla - August 2, 2010 -

When Fox has a right wing talking point that they seek to push, it is pushed throughout the programming on a given day – and sometimes into the next. The meme that the “promised” 1200 National Guard troops are not at the border and that this delay is further promoting chaos at the border was initiated, today, by the Fox News “opinion” show, “Fox & Friends,” during which Steve Doocy and his partisan Arizona sheriff guest promoted this talking point which is based on the bogus claim that all troops were supposed to be in place by August 1st – when the Department of Defense says otherwise. On this morning’s “America’s Newsroom,” which is supposed to be a “fair and balanced” Fox News show, Bill Hemmer advanced this story in his interview with another Arizona sheriff who is also asserting that any “delay” is compounding a border which is out of control – when, according to mainstream media reports, Obama has done more to control the border than past presidents. But hey, there’s anti-Obama propaganda to push so who cares about reality! I wouldn’t be surprised if this latest line of agitprop pops up on other Fox “news” and “opinion” shows. Ya think?

The title of Hemmer’s video comes straight from the propaganda playbook, “Where are the Troops? Frustration in border states over deployment of National Guard.” His opening chyron supported the agitprop: “Frustration In Border States Over National Guard Arrival.” Hemmer referenced “1200 National Guard troops that many had expected to arrive yesterday, the first of August, to help secure the border, only making a partial appearance.” He introduced Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever and asked a question that couldn’t have been more scripted: “Has the federal government given you all the help you needed?” Dever claimed that no help has been forthcoming for 34 years and that “we’ve been under siege since 1998.” He said that every day that the troops are delayed is “a day of unprecedented danger” for all of southern Arizona and “added peril” for the entire US. As if on cue, Hemmer produced more agitprop when he said that even if Dever gets the troops, “many argue that it’s too weak to even make a dent.” (Who's that, Bill?) Dever, naturally, agreed. Hemmer allowed Dever to explain that this situation is dire because the population is growing in Mexico and if we can’t set up a system, now, to force immigrants to enter legally, “we’re never gonna get it.” Rather than provide any counterpoint, Hemmer provided Dever with a platform for describing what he’s “up against everyday.” Dever talked about angry, dangerous drug and human smugglers rob houses and steal cars. (Are ya scared yet?) as example of “the perils that we face.” The next statement from Hemmer was straight from the Fox propaganda playbook. He cited how “we’ve been told” that the crime rate in Phoenix has been dropping; “but based on your description, it doesn’t sound like that’s the case where you are and as you describe what’s happening down their, do you have any control on this or would you describe this as out of control.” Dever was forced to say that there are places “where the control is pretty adequate” (He was recently quoted as saying that they’re not seeing the “violent crime” that’s going on in Mexico) but more can be done. Hemmer ended the piece with reinforcement of today’s Fox right wing talking point: “It’s the second of August so we’re a day into the new deployment when some have said” (Who’s that, Bill?) "they expected full force yesterday” (Why, the President and the DOD didn’t say that?) “as a target date. So over the month we’ll get more; but as you say, it won’t be enough.”

Comment: Comment: OK boys and girls. The Fox “fair and balanced” lessons for today are 1) Obama lied when he said that he would have 1200 pairs of boots on the Arizona ground on August 1st 2) Even if the troops arrive, it won’t be enough to fix the chaos at the border that Obama is doing nothing about 3) Don’t believe what you hear about decreased crime in Arizona. Get it? Got it? Good!!!!!!!!!