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Fair And Balanced Discussion Of Schlafly's "Unmarried Moms" Comments Except That Fox News Hearts The Conservative Pundit

Reported by Ellen - August 1, 2010 -

The O'Reilly Factor held a discussion Friday night (7/30/10) about conservative pundit Phyllis Schlafly's controversial comments that the Obama administration is trying to "subsidize illegitimacy" with government assistance to the poor and unemployed. She also noted that "the blacks" and "unmarried women" make up the two biggest demographics of Obama voters. Substitute host Juan Williams held a decently fair and balanced debate on the subject until he halted the discussion to give conservative guest, Sandy Rios, a regular on Fox, time to promote a page on her website in memory of her deceased daughter. The other guest, Gloria Feldt, got no time to promote any of her efforts. Don't get me wrong. Rios' project seems worthy and deserving of the airtime. And I'm more than sympathetic to her cause. But to interrupt a debate to give what amounted to a de facto endorsement of her efforts - and none to the other guest - looked a lot like a de facto endorsement of Rios, herself.

At about 5:30 in the discussion, Williams said, "We've got to stop right there." He continued, to Rios, "I understand there's a website you have... and I want you to tell us about it."

Rios told about a website devoted to her now-deceased, severely disabled daughter. Again, let me be clear: it's a lovely endeavor and I don't begrudge her one moment of air time to talk about it. But to interrupt a debate to give her a special mention not given to the other guest looks a lot like partiality.

I apologize for the jumpiness of the video below. It comes from Fox News.

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