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Hannity Repeatedly Pushes Michelle Malkin Into Suggesting Obama’s A Racist

Reported by Ellen - July 29, 2010 -

Sanctimonious sourpuss Michelle Malkin made her regular weekly visit to the Hannity show last night (7/28/10). Hannity’s racialized anti-Obama agenda was obvious from the start when, instead of just discussing the Arizona immigration ruling earlier in the day, he made a point of repeatedly adding the “(racial) politics” of the Obama Department of Justice into the mix. While Malkin is nothing if not a racial demagogue, she doesn’t usually make a point of attacking Obama as a racist, as so many other Fox News pundits do. Hannity's repeated attempts to get her to do so would have been funny if it weren't so toxic.

Malkin started with what I have predicted will be the next step in the race baiting going on at Fox News lately, tying it in to their regular, bi-yearly hysteria over voter fraud. “This is particularly concerning with regard to the integrity of the electoral process and voting rights. It’s not just the Panthers’ case where they’ve shown this propensity to turn their noses at protecting voter rights in certain cases.” She went on to complain about their “meddl(ing) with the State of Georgia which wanted to tighten its citizenship eligibility.”

Hannity, however, didn’t want to go there. He interrupted Malkin in order to play the race card. “Let me ask through this prism. There’s gotta be a motivation. You’re saying it’s social justice. So you think is - There’s gotta be an agenda here. When you talk about issues involving race… what have you concluded the agenda is?”

Malking responded, "With regard to race… they see institutional racism as some sort of immoral sin that still needs to be cleansed. And they see their roles not as protecting equal justice under the law but favoring or disfavoring certain political groups for their own long-term ideological and electoral gain. And that certainly is true with the immigration issue as well.” She went on to say that the focus on immigration was not national security or enforcement of laws but the “benefit of the Democrat Party and a permanent ruling majority.”

Once again, Hannity pushed her toward focusing on race. “What are we to make of the former head of the Civil Rights Commission, Mary Frances Berry, she acknowledged… that the Obama administration has taken to polarizing America around the issue of race as a means of diverting attention away from other issues…”

Finally, Malkin took the bait, but obviously not to the extent that Hannity hoped. “I think it’s certainly true that the race card is certainly the last and first refuge of left-wing scoundrels.” Then she moved on to talk about the Arizona ruling.

Perhaps because the segment was near an end, Hannity dropped the point.

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