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Laura Ingraham Uses Boy Scout “Diss” to Smear Obama

Reported by Priscilla - July 28, 2010 -

The right wing is in frenzy about what is being promoted as President Obama’s “diss” of the Boy Scouts in favor of taping on “The View.” Thus, it’s not surprising that Fox News would be there to aid and abet in using the newest right wing outrage to smear the President. Laura Ingraham, filling in for Bill O’Reilly, advanced the meme and kicked it up a notch to smear Obama as an out of touch “elitist” – unlike Laura who’s just a good old Fox country gal.

Ingraham, not sporting her customary great big cross, began by saying that “not only are his policies unpopular and out of step with what America wants; but he himself appears disconnected with the core of the country.” (Ah-hem, hate to break it you Laura; but “The View” is very popular) She provided a “case and point” about how Obama has (she did air quotes) a “scheduling conflict" which prevents him from directly addressing the Boy Scouts. She didn't mention that he will appear via video. (Memo to Laura: Your beloved "pro-life" GOP presidents never appeared at the annual "March for Life.") She added that he will also be attending a “glitzy fundraiser" and sarcastically asked how the Boy Scouts could compare with “fois gras and Whoppi Goldberg." She claimed that Obama seems more comfortable in the Oval Office and less comfortable speaking directly to the American people. Working in the requisite right wing talking point, she claimed that Obama “panders to the intellectual elites” which alienates him from “the common man.” (Gotta love how Fox, as “America’s Newsroom,” just brings folks together.) She cited a Wall Street Journal/MSNBC poll which indicated that “less than half responded positively when asked if President Obama is honest and straightforward.” She added that “30% felt that they don’t really relate to the president" which, she noted, was up from 8% at the start of his presidency. She reminded us that the poll was taken “before we knew of the first family’s trip to an “elite island in Maine.” (Hey Laura, Bar Harbor is actually an affordable destination for many “real” Americans. I know, I’ve been there.) She then referenced the recent “White House tribute to Broadway” (Memo to Laura: Your beloved George W Bush also hosted White House “tributes” during his presidency.) And not afraid to diss Obama’s wife and daughter, Ingraham referenced their upcoming trip to Madrid. (As opposed to when Laura Bush travelled to Europe with “Thirty different outfits, 15 traveling staffers, dozens of Secret Service agents, scores of embassy personnel, seven pricey gifts, one professional hair stylist.”)

“To be fair” Ingraham says nobody wants Obama to fly commercial and purchase food at WalMart. (You can bet Laura doesn’t!) “but increasingly Americans see him as aloof and arrogant.” (Which “Americans” Laura? According to that poll you cited, he’s still the most popular politician in the country.) She said that “the President should observe the Boy Scout’s oath “duty to God and country” (And he isn’t doing this?) “duty to self, last.”

Comment: My only comment is directed to Laura and was “said” by Jon Stewart to Bernie Goldberg – something about “going” somewhere to do something?!

*Laura’s poll numbers are far more nuanced than she would have you believe. And 53% overall approval, which you didn’t hear anything about from Laura, isn’t bad. And despite what Laura said about his policies being unpopular, “46 percent say they are “extremely confident” or “quite confident” that he has the right set of goals and policies.”