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Breaking News: Judge Blocks Portions Of AZ Immigration Law

Reported by Ellen - July 28, 2010 -

As The New York Times reports, "A federal judge, ruling on a clash between the federal government and a state over immigration policy, has blocked the most controversial parts of Arizona’s immigration enforcement law from going into effect."

The Times continues,

In a ruling on a law that has rocked politics coast to coast and thrown a spotlight on the border state’s fierce debate over immigration, United States District Court Judge Susan Bolton in Phoenix said some aspects of the law can go into effect as scheduled on Thursday.

But Judge Bolton took aim at the parts of the law that have generated the most controversy, issuing a preliminary injunction against sections that called for officers to check a person’s immigration status while enforcing other laws and that required immigrants to carry their papers at all times.

Judge Bolton put those sections on hold while she continues to hear the larger issues in the challenges to the law.

So far, Fox News is not sensationalizing the news that key portions of the Arizona immigration law have been blocked. But Shannon Bream was guest hosting America Live today when the news broke and the show is still going on. Bream is far less inflammatory than regular host Megyn "I love to hate people of color" Kelly.

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