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AZ Governor Brewer Joins Hannity’s Incendiary Rhetoric And Fundraises For Her Legal Defense Fund

Reported by Ellen - July 28, 2010 -

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer joined Sean Hannity tonight to discuss today’s ruling that blocked certain key provisions of her state’s immigration law scheduled to go into effect tomorrow. First, she agreed with Hannity’s fear mongering suggestion that the “federal government won’t protect American citizens.” Then, she urged viewers to go to the website of her state’s legal defense fund and “help us out with a five buck donation or fifty dollar donation.”

Hannity began the segment with the leading question, “Is it a fair interpretation in your mind, today’s court ruling, to say that it appears that the federal government won’t protect American citizens, won’t enforce the law and also, on the other hand, now the State of Arizona, you can’t do it either. Is that fair?”

“That’s very fair. That’s the truth,” Brewer replied.

She later said, “This is going to be, you know a significant cost, of course, to the State of Arizona and so I just keep thanking people for their support and their encouragement and ask them to be considerate and go to (she named her website), my legal defense fund, and help us out with a five buck donation or fifty dollar donation. We’re going to need it.”

Brewer also threatened to sue the federal government for not enforcing the federal immigration laws.

I’m surprised Hannity didn’t repeat the URL for her website at the end.

You can contact the show at Hannity@foxnews.com and Governor Brewer via her webmail here.

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