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Steve Doocy Promotes Scary Border Meme

Reported by Priscilla - July 27, 2010 -

Fox “News” does love the fear card. They know that playing the fear of Mexican drug cartels causing border chaos will result in “real” Americans salivating in righteous fear and loathing of Mexicans with the added bonus of advancing the right wing meme that President Obama isn’t doing enough to protect the border – hence, the need for the Arizona immigration law - a law that Fox, given it’s not so “fair & balanced” treatment of, seems to support. They also know that they can play to “real” American xenophobia by conflating immigrants and drug runners. This morning, to illustrate the Fox message that drug cartels and illegal immigrants are behind border violence, Steve Doocy interviewed a documentary filmmaker whose film dealt with the problem. *Interestingly, Fox & Friends did the same type of hysterical border hype, with Burgard, in 2007.

Doocy jumped right into the segment by describing the “violence” at the border as a “war zone” where residents have to protect themselves from “Mexican drug cartels” and “illegal immigrants.” He introduced his guest, Chris Burgard who did a film, “Border” in 2006. Apropos of nothing, Doocy referenced how the Arizona law will be going into effect soon. (Course he didn’t mention that there is an injunction hearing going on) He described how Burgard did a film, a couple of years ago, that was a “warning to people that what is going on on our Southern border” (Doocy high pitched voice going up a register) “it’s like a wild West show with real guns and real bullets and real lives hanging in the balance.” (Are ya scared yet!) Agitrop chyron: “Border Situation Predicted, Documentarian’s Warning Ignored By Government.” (oh, snap, it’s all Obama’s fault!) Burgard said that he “ran into uniformed men” carrying contraband across the border. He claimed that the ranchers live “in a constant state of fear.” He also made the claim that the Buenos Aires Wildlife Preserve is now “off limits” - a claim that seems to be bogus as the website has this: “Recently there were reports in the news stating that the Buenos Aries National Wildlife Refuge was closed. This information is not correct…”When Burgard said “it’s pretty tense,” Doocy said, “no kidding.” Doocy said that Burgard “just laughs” when people say that there are patrols and walls at the border. This provided a segue for Burgard to critique the border fence. He didn’t, however, agree that he “laughs” at those who cite attempts to improve border security. In response to Doocy’s question of how he would “fix” the problem, Burgard said that he would give local law enforcement more resources. As he spoke, the chyron was “Too Little, Too Late1200 Troops Sent to Border States.”

Correction: I had originally said that I didn't recall if Fox & Friends got so hysterical about the border when Bush was President. It was noted by "Fox apologist," "Johnny Dollar," who checks, in minute detail, everything that is written at News Hounds, that Fox & Friends interviewed Burgard in 2007. As he correctly points out, it was reviewed on News Hounds. But the funny thing is that, as News Hounds Judy pointed out, the issue was "hyped" to show that that the Mexican army was shooting, across the border, at US citizens when, in fact, even Burgard backed off that claim. And while there was some Fox & Friends hysteria (some things never change), I don't recall (and "Johnny" can correct me if I'm wrong) the same kind of right wing vitriol, about the border, against George Bush, as is levelled against President Obama. Thanks for keeping me honest, "Johnny." Mea Maxima Culpa! I'm sure Fox appreciates it too!

Comment: Burgard’s film did receive a good review, in the NY Times as it did present the brutality of what happens at the border. The film also points out that big business is encouraging this cross border traffic. But why do I get the sneaking suspicion that the message of his film got lost in the Fox propaganda?!