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Megyn Kelly And Lou Dobbs Fear Monger About Amnesty To “Untold MILLIONS Of Illegals” Then Complain About Obama’s “Incendiary” Immigration Rhetoric

Reported by Ellen - July 27, 2010 -

Turning away – temporarily I’m sure – from her race baiting against scary black men, Megyn Kelly took up the cause of GOP fear mongering about illegal immigrants. First, Kelly trumpeted an unverified, unsourced accusation from a “group” of Republican senators that President Obama plans to use the procedure of “deferred removal” to grant amnesty to “untold MILLIONS of illegals” as Kelly excitedly put it. But instead of doing any investigation into what the administration actually plans to do or interviewing anyone in a position to know something about this possibility, Kelly’s “objective news show” , America Live, brought on Lou Dobbs. Laughably, Kelly and Dobbs concluded their fear fest with another attack on the Obama administration for using “incendiary” rhetoric about immigration. They concluded it all with the Beckian ploy of urging calm.

Kelly began by saying, “A group of Republican senators are demanding to know if the administration will grant amnesty to 11 million illegals.” She reported that the senators had written to the Department of Homeland Security saying, “We understand you will use this procedure” of “deferred removal” because of humanitarian reasons. She meant that deportation would be deferred on so-called humanitarian grounds, such as because of someone's illness.

Kelly continued, “The report is, according to these GOP senators, that the administration is considering using this to essentially grant amnesty to some untold MILLIONS of illegals (her emphasis) and now these senators write a follow up letter… and still no answer from Homeland Security.”

Yet despite the supposed importance of that letter, Kelly made no inquiries into and offered no further information about what grounds the senators had for their beliefs.

Dobbs said agreeably about the Republican senators, “They have apparently been given sufficient reason to believe that this is part of the plan.” But he, predictably, offered no further knowledge about the Obama administration's supposed plan.

Kelly “asked,” “Is there any chance that this administration would take on that political football in advance of the midterms and say we’re giving essentially AMNESTY TO MILLIONS OF ILLEGALS? (her emphasis) …Bypass the Congress altogether on it?” Of course, if she really wanted to know, she would have asked someone in a position to actually have an answer.

At almost three minutes into the segment, Kelly offered this “balance” that also managed to further Republican susicions: “We don’t know (the GOP senators are correct). According to the news reports… DHS has said, ‘We’re not doing that’ but these senators don’t seem satisfied.”

But that wasn’t enough bias for Kelly. She had the audacity to start accusing the Obama administration of making the immigration debate inflammatory. And she did it by adding more fear mongering!

Kelly continued by suggesting that Obama is endangering law enforcement officers. She did so by pretending she was just putting forth someone else’s opinion. She said, “We had an Arizona sheriff come on this show about a month ago and say, ‘I’m worried about my guys. I’m worried now that the rhetoric over this law,’ which really, in his words, mirrors federal law, ‘has gotten so incendiary.’ And he blamed President Obama among others, that thing about taking your kid for ice cream, ‘that we’re in danger.’”

Dobbs ignored the fear mongering going on right under his own nose as he complained, “This is the stuff of which a cauldron is made and we need to be reducing the temperature rather than raising it. This administration is failing in its leadership responsibility to tamp down that kind of emotional reaction from illegal immigrant groups and those who are advocating for them.”

Kelly added, “Both sides need to remember that everyone needs to stay calm no matter what the ruling is (on the Arizona immigration law)…. No matter what happens in the next 48 hours.”

Kelly has already proved just how calm she remains over this issue.

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