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Fox News Discusses How Liberals “Plan To Ruin Your Life”

Reported by Ellen - July 27, 2010 -

It’s funny how those “fair and balanced” folks at Fox News always manage to tip the scales so that the hate mongering or fear mongering needle always points to liberals. On last night’s Hannity (7/26/10), Sean Hannity first interviewed an author of a book subtitled “7 Ways Liberals Plan To Ruin Your Life.” Need I add that “Great American” Hannity agreed wholeheartedly with everything the author said? Then, in a following segment, Hannity complained about Democratic fear mongering. His former Miss America guest agreed, attacked the Democrats a little further and then, later in the same segment, engaged in a little fear mongering of her own.

In the first video below, Hannity interviewed author Terry Jeffrey about the ways that liberals plan to ruin your life. Jeffrey made such statements as, “The ultimate strategic goal of the left in this country is to control the hearts and minds of our children.”

Hannity readily agreed. “They would decide what we listen to, what shows we get to watch… what cars we get to drive, they would decide what kind of houses we can build, whether or not they’re big or small.”

Never mind that there are already those little things called “Building Codes” that dictate how houses are built. I’d also bet dollars to doughnuts, as my mother used to say, that Hannity’s privileged community has rules galore about what he can and cannot do with his $11 million property. I’d love to move in next door to him and open an auto mechanic shop and a dance club and see how quickly he’d be ready to tell me what I could not do with my property. I could probably count on one hand the number of seconds it would take before Hannity was on the phone to somebody trying to stop me.

Later, in the “Great American Panel” segment, Hannity conveniently forgot his earlier fear mongering and began whining about Democratic fear mongering. “So the strategy… of the Democrats… they’re going to run on raising taxes and they’re gonna try and scare everybody.” Hannity quoted Sen. Al Franken saying that the “GOP will enact a dangerous agenda if they take back Congress.”

Panelist Kirsten Haglund’s only qualification as a panelist seems to be a Miss America title of 2008 – and her willingness to toe the attack-liberals line at Fox News. It almost certainly can’t be any kind of political acumen, insight or wisdom. Haglund said, “They accuse conservatives of fear mongering. It’s just so interesting how they’re so easy to criticize… which conservatives haven’t even done with fear mongering. We’re telling the truth of what’s happening.” Translation: Democrats are quick to complain about conservatives’ fear mongering which they don’t do, they only tell the truth. Profound. Not.

Not true, either. A bit later, in the same segment, Ms. Conservatives Don’t Fear Monger said, “The Democrats going forward, they’re scared… They’re not even completely happy with the success that they’ve had. Obama has said, ‘We haven’t made enough changes fast enough.’ So they’re even admitting that they haven’t gotten as far as they wanted. And that’s scary. Do we want more of this change?”

You can write to the show at Hannity@foxnews.com.

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