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Fox Uses Resurgence Of Dengue Fever To Fear Monger About Immigration And Environmental Regulations

Reported by Ellen - July 26, 2010 -

Leave it to Fox News to politicize a report about the rise of Dengue Fever in the United States. This was supposed to be a straight news report on today's America Live, supposedly an "objective news" program. Yet Fox News' Dr. Marc Siegel went out of his way to make political comments about immigration and pesticides with a little help from guest host Shannon Bream.

In discussing the rise in cases here, Siegel said, "By the way, I don't want to change gears here but this is in a way an immigration problem, too. Because immigrants are bringing this across the border. Not only are they bringing drugs across the border, not only do we have a problem with sealing our borders from that, but on the medical side, we have mosquitos."

Bream made no attempt to determine how many of the dangerous mosquitos were actually coming from Mexico or somewhere else.

Siegel also went on to take a swipe at environmentalists. "Guess what, we have so many laws against pesticides. DDT used to get rid of this! ...We're not allowed to use that."

Bream "just happened" to ask if there were any pesticide laws that could be relaxed, giving Siegel an opportunity to advocate for just that, without challenging his argument in any way.

Siegel's last words in the segment were also gratuitously political: "Let's close those borders, Shannon!"

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