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Fox & Friends Pimps “Daily Caller” Claim: “Liberal Media Plot Against Sarah Palin”

Reported by Priscilla - July 26, 2010 -

Is Fox News channeling their inner Dan Brown? The reason I ask is because the language used to discuss the liberal listserv, that Tucker Carlson managed to obtain, seems to be drawn from themes used in fiction that involves nefarious and dark “conspiracies” and “plots.” The title and theme of Saturday’s “Fox News Watch” was about “a reporter conspiracy against the GOP.” Last Thursday’s (July 22nd) “Fox & Friends” asked if the liberal media was “plotting” against Sarah Palin. Not content with the personal attacks leveled by the man himself, Tucker Carlson, earlier in the week, the morning chums did a second segment about this sinister attempt by “liberal media” to attack liberals whom, they claimed, attacked Sarah Palin. But not to worry, the “symbologists” at Fox News have cracked the codes of the sinister librul cabal which has committed the unpardonable sin of criticizing Sarah Palin. The Masons and the Vatican have nothing on the “liberal media.”

The chyrons set the propaganda message right off the bat: “Plotting Against GOP, Did Liberal Media Sabotage Palin?” Doocy described “a shocking new report” from Tucker Carlson’s “Daily Caller” which reports that “the liberal media got together and conspired to tear her down.” He didn’t mention that the comments about Palin were part of a discussion about the politics of McCain’s selection of Palin – not a concerted attempt to “tear her down.” Juliette Huddy introduced the report’s author, Jonathan Strong. As he spoke, this agitprop chyron appeared: “Liberal Media Mobilization, Did Left Wing Media Tear Palin Down?” He claimed that those on the listserv “coordinated what they thought would be the best attack to use against her.” Huddy presented a propaganda point as a question: “The point of that was to help President Obama, then Senator?” Naturally, Strong agreed. Doocy showed some cherry picked quotes which purported to show this evil “plot:” but, in reality were part of a broad based discussion. He quoted Suzanne Nossel of “Human Rights Watch” (Also quoted on “Fox News Watch”) who merely expressed the sentiments of many women who questioned whether Palin’s pick was a blatant sexist attempt to garner female voters. Juliette Huddy quoted Jonathan Stein’s (also quoted on “Fox News Watch) agreement with Nossel’s sentiment. The chyron reinforced the agitprop: “Liberal Bias Proven? The Daily Caller Reveals Plot.” A moment of irony occurred when Huddy proclaimed that Stein was hoping that “she was killed by this sexist argument.” (Fox wasn’t hoping that Obama would be killed by Jeremiah Wright?) Strong said that what the quote showed was that people on the list “understood its power.” (Power?!) The propaganda message for the piece, stated as Fox (which understands its “power”) fact, appeared: “Conspiracy Against GOP, Liberal Journalists’Agression” Doocy made the bizarre claim that “they wouldn’t have been in that pickle if Obama had picked Hillary Clinton as his running mate.” Strong didn’t provide context for his allegations of this “attack” which also included comments that Palin would help McCain and praise of Palin from Joe Klein. As noted in Salon, “So the result of this secretive liberal smear campaign against Sarah Palin was a blog post at Time.com summing up the disparate reactions of the journalists and commentators on the off-the-record listserv to the Palin selection? In other words, this story was already written two years ago.” Strong’s last comment couldn’t have been any more ironic. He said that even if you’re an “opinion journalist” the public puts its trust in you to say what you believe, not what you believe needs to be said to help your political side.”

Comment: ROFLMAO – Fox’s stable of “opinion journalists” aren’t articulating views to help their political side – as in all the Fox “news” Here and Here) and “opinion” pieces about Tucker Carslon’s tattle tales which would seem to be a coordinated reinforcement of an ongoing attack (right wing "aggression?") on one of the right wing’s favorite targets – the so called “liberal media.” The “plot thickens.”