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Fox News Watch’s Jon Scott Pimps “Reporter Conspiracy Against GOP”

Reported by Priscilla - July 25, 2010 -

I’m so outraged! Those evil, librul reporters, from the evil librul, lamestream media conspired against Republicans. And I know that because under the title of the video, which has the “Fox News Watch” segment about this travesty, Fox says that "e-mails leaked from liberal listserv reveal reporter conspiracy against GOP." The Fox video site also tells me that “Journolist’ Casts Doubt On Mainstream Media” so I don’t even need to watch the video because Fox just validated what I know to be true – because Fox “News” is always telling me about the evil, librul lamestream media. Snark off. The show that’s supposed to be a “fair and balanced” critique of the news media seems to be engaging in a little spinning of its own, as evidenced by last night’s segment about contents of a liberal listserv which were leaked by right wing Fox contributor Tucker Carlson and which has been the subject of discussion on a Fox opinion show and two Fox “News” shows. Taking its cue from Carlson, Fox “News” is taking opinion comments on the listserv, which were part of extensive discussions about politics and ways to deal with right wing bias, and spinning them out of context in order to show, as the title of the video says, a “conspiracy” against the GOP. Snark back on. The movers and shakers at Fox News would never discuss spinning news would they? Snark off. It’s sad. “Fox News Watch,” when journalist and author Eric Burns was the moderator, was actually a “fair & balanced” show – with Jon Scott, not so much!

Fox “News” is dutifully promoting Tucker Carlson’s shocking” revelation, on his website, “The Daily Caller,” of leaked comments, by liberal bloggers, journalists, college professors, on the “Journolist” listserv begun by journalist Ezra Klein at the Washington Post. Like Carlson, Fox is cherry picking comments, without greater context that includes disagreements, in order to push the narrative of a liberal, pro-Obama "media" conspiracy. After showing a clip of McCain’s public announcement of Sarah Palin as his running mate, Scott said that after the announcement “ on a private e-mail group called ‘Journolist,’ many members in the mainstream media, swapped ideas for effective talking points” (Oh, the irony!) "in order to help defeat McCain and Palin and help elect Barack Obama, president." He quoted Jeffrey Toobin (CNN and the “New Yorker”) who uttered blasphemy when he said that McCain’s choice was a joke” - a sentiment expressed by conservative journalist Peggy Noonan whose comment, “The most qualified? No. I think they went for this — excuse me — political bullshit about narratives," was caught on a hot mic! He then quoted Suzanne Nossel (not a mainstream media journalist but a writer from “Human Rights Watch”) who expressed the sentiments of many women who questioned whether Palin’s pick was a blatant sexist attempt to garner female voters. Scott, not wanting to dilute the narrative, didn’t quote any of the other comments in the discussion except for Jonathan Stein, of “Mother Jones,” who said spinning Palin’s selection was an “excellent idea.” Scott pitched the propaganda to conservative Andrea Tantaros: “The ‘Daily Caller’ exposed these e-mails, they’ve been all over the list, one blogger said that they are more than a smoking gun they’re like a crime scene.” Now if he were “fair & balanced,” he could have provided a quote from those journalists who don’t quite see it that way; but that would cut into the narrative. And who is this “blogger” that he is quoting? It’s none other than “Anchorman” who writes for Carlson’s “Daily Caller.” Scott’s“fair & balanced” chyron, backing up his attack on those on liberal journalists: “When Journo-lists Attack” It ran throughout the segment.

He actually smiled when he asked Tantaros, who later compared the list to the KKK, if she agreed with the “crime scene assessment” and of course she did. She said that “this is proof positive” of why those on the right “distrust the mainstream media.” Without quoting what they said, on the listserv, she attacked Ben Smith and Mike Allen of “Politico” and asked about “accountability.” (Oh, the irony) Scott validated her comment when he said that Allen was “supposed to be an independent non partisan” (“Politico” isn’t touted as “fair & balanced”) “website, very widely read in Washington and elsewhere” (Scott’s voice grew louder and he grimaced) “he’s on this list and when he reads some of this stuff, shouldn’t he have jumped off.” Kirsten Powers said that just because they were on an e-mail list doesn’t imply malfeasance on their part and cautioned the group about “smearing people.” Jim Pinkerton then (surprise, surprise) cherry picked a quote from Spencer Ackerman which suggested violence towards the right. Perhaps Pinkerton doesn’t know that Fox’s Glenn Beck said that “the only way to stop bloodsuckers like Obama is to drive a stake through their hearts.” And then there’s Beck’s “joke” about poisoning Nancy Pelosi. Scott used the Ackerman reference to segue into (surprise, surprise) how Ackerman was concerned about Reverend Wright and for the fourth time, in the shows I have reviewed, Ackerman’s quote about labeling conservatives as racists was read. Powers provided a great retort in her comment about how journalism takes several anecdotes and uses them to make generalizations to impugn people. Pinkerton got the last word and predicted that “The Dailer Caller” will release everything and that many of the names were “involved in all the things we’re talking about, not just Spencer Ackerman.” (Talk about praising with faint damns!)

Comment: Scott did his job in promoting the Fox meme about the liberal media “conspiracy.” Powers provided a great rebuttal to the two conservatives, and so called liberal Judith Miller who agreed with them. I loved Powers’ comment that she “can’t wait for the day that a conservative listserv comes out.” Me too!