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Why Is “America Live” Still Misrepresenting MA School “Body Mass Reports”

Reported by Priscilla - July 23, 2010 -

Last week, Fox “News” anchor Megyn Kelly and Fox’s Dr. Keith Ablow brayed about the horror of, as Megyn Kelly expressed it, Massachusetts kids being “sent home” with Body Mass Index Report. Dr. Ablow brayed about how this shows that we’re on the way to a “nanny state.” Yesterday, on Kelly’s “news” show, “America Live,”she and Ablow discussed the issue of whether severely overweight children should be put into foster homes as a result of parents being charged with abuse or neglect. It was actually a rational back and forth until Ablow, after admitting that abuse or neglect can be factors in a child’s weight, said that he’s worried that this is “opening a Pandora’s box” and spoke of how “public schools here in Massachusetts are sending home Body Mass Index measurements on all children regardless of whether parents endorse that concept.” He then questioned where the line is drawn on the definition of obese. Fact Check: The reports are mailed. Students are not “sent home” with them. Fact Check: Not all children are having BMI’s done. Only 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th grades. Fact Check: If parents “don’t endorse that concept, there is an opt out. “Schools are supposed to notify parents before the screenings are conducted, in part to give them the opportunity to opt out.” While Dr. Ablow is a Republican (who is still being courted to run against John Kerry in 2014), he has good professional creds. So why isn’t he telling the truth about the BMI thing?