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Bill O’Reilly & Glenn Beck – Comedy Duo

Reported by Guest Blogger - July 23, 2010 -

By Aunty Em

There are times it’s hard to know exactly what game Fox News Channel’s Big Daddy, Bill O’Reilly, is really playing, or for which team. Sure he’s known for starting Fox News Memes that take on a life of their own elsewhere in the schedule, not to mention take a human life by a nut with a gun. And rarely does he avoid picking up a (bogus) talking points from other shows on the network in order to put his patented “No Spin” Spin on the whole deal. That’s Loofah Lad, the Team Player, working with Fox as opposed to against it. However, there are other times he ‘goes rogue,’ like his recent interviews with half-Governor, full-time Mama Grizzly and Fox News Braintrust™ Sarah Palin. These prime time spots left her looking as stupid as a Katie Couric question or a Charlie Gibson query did. But nothing says that O’Reilly is his own man quite like his weekly Beck and Call* segments with Glenn Beck. There he takes digs on his putative comedy partner, delighted to show how reasonable he can appear, if only when compared to someone far more extreme. To be fair: Beck gives as good as he gets, often getting in his own zingers against the Falafel King. They’re like the Abbot and Costello of the news world with verbal gymnastics that are a delight to behold, even if it never even comes close to a classic like “Who’s On First?”

Last week Beck (07-15-10) decided he’d go all Mr. Blackwell on us with his appearance on The Falafel King Hour. His manufactured outrage at First Lady Michelle Obama’s clothes—which he clearly said for the lulz and not because he really cared—was one of the side-splittingest, funniest routines this modern day Bob and Ray have ever performed.

* There was a time, not in the very distant past either, where all the Beck & Call segments were available from the O'Reilly Factor page at FoxNews.com. Not anymore. Not since the latest redesign. Another sign of trouble in paradise?

h/t New York Magazine

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