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Rachel Maddow Skewers Fox News On Their “Scare White People” Tactic

Reported by Priscilla - July 22, 2010 -

Check out Rachel Maddow’s take on how Fox plays to racial fears and anger among those to whom the notorious “Southern Strategy” was directed. She explains how Fox aids and abets the meme that whites are really the victims of black people which is something that developed during the Civil Rights years when whites felt threatened by the societal changes brought about by the struggle for and the granting of empowerment to “undeserving” blacks. These types of people, who fear the demographics of a changing America represented by an African American president, are those to whom Fox directs its race baiting – the sort of people who agree with Glenn Beck that Obama “is a racist with a deep seated hatred of white people” – the sort of people who respond to the “scary black man” thing – the sort of people that respond to, as historian Richard Hofstadter described it, “the paranoid style in American politics.” Fox “News” gives the people what they want.

Watch and learn from Rachel Maddow.


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