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“Campaign” Carl Cameron Spins “Momentous Day For Tea Party Movement”

Reported by Priscilla - July 22, 2010 -

Yesterday, Congresswoman and ace conspiratorialist Michele Bachmann, along with a fellow group of a few fellow uber right wing members of Congress, took to the steps of the Capitol to proclaim the birth of the new “Tea Party Caucus” within the US House of Representatives. Fox “News” news covered this, as the title of the video describes, “momentous day for the Tea Party movement.” After an intro by Bret Baier, “Campaign” Carl Cameron described the grand opening of this caucus in glowing terms. And to show, as noted in the article about same event on the Fox website, the “ethnic and racial diversity of the movement” (Hardly!), Cameron made sure to feature comments from an African American woman and a Hispanic man. Cameron also made sure to comment about how the Tea Party is wagging their fingers at racist elements within the group. But in order to show this group with their “best foot forward,” Cameron left out a few key details that could have been of interest such as the less than six degrees of separation of the “minority activists” to the Tea Party movement and (surprise, surprise) Sarah Palin and Bachmann’s interesting choice of word to describe the group. Oh well, “Campaign Carl” must have just so happy about this “momentous day” that he forgot.

Baier introduced the piece by saying that one of Obama’s “biggest political problems took another step towards mainstream viability and visibility” (Nice spin – giving the Tea Party more importance than they actually might have. Biggest political problems are the economy, the deficit, the oil spill, and the basic “malaise” of the general American electorate). Baier tossed to Cameron who was reporting “on a big day for the movement.” Cameron sounded excited as he reported on the first meeting of the Congressional Tea Party Caucus. He showed a graphic with photos of the 35 members of this new caucus and mentioned that it included three members of the GOP leadership. He didn’t mention that the GOP big guns, Boehner and Cantor aren’t part of the group. He played Bachmann braying about what the Tea Party believes in. He added that she said that the group was not there to “take over a fractious movement” and that she “repeatedly disassociated the caucus from racist or inappropriate comments attributed to the Tea Party’s fringe.” He played her comment about how she wasn’t there to “vouch for the tea party” and its billboards and signs. While showing a photo of the Tea Party Obama as Hitler and Stalin sign which was taken down as a result of pressure from Tea Partiers, Cameron said “to underscore it is not made up of haters and thugs as critics have alleged, several minority activists came from around the country to complain that there activism is motivated by patriotism. He then showed a black woman who said that the Tea Party is not racist and a Hispanic man who said that “they have insulted us…” (And you guys haven’t insulted Obama, as a Marxist, Socialist, Nazi, etc!). Cameron added that the group has no leaders and some divisions. He reported that the Tea Party Express has been “accused of racist rhetoric” (Mark Williams, ya think!) by another Tea Party group who “want no part of the Express.” (Unlike Fox News when the “express” was on the move!) He showed video of the Tea Party Patriots co-founder disavowing the Tea Party Express which he described as a “fringe.” Cameron finished by saying that “while the new caucus may give the Tea Party access to lawmakers, the fact is that it was created today and that proves” (Cameron chuckled) “that lawmakers were already listening.”

Comment: It was ironic to see the dichotomy between Fox’s touting of this as a banner day for the Tea Party while the tea party caucus didn’t exactly embrace the Tea Party! The minorities shown on the video might be “activists;” but they’re not activists on behalf of any minority groups; but rather, tea party activists. Not shown on the video was Texas Tea Party mom, Fox fave, Katrina Pierson, and Brazilian born Tea Partier Ana Puig, who despite being one of the patriotic “minorities” said, at the rally, that America is on the path to “20th century Marxism.” “Tito Munoz appears to be none other than “Tito the Builder,” the Hispanic counterpart to “Joe the Plumber” who was celebrated by Sarah Palin throughout her campaign. He now has his own conservative radio talk show and while he claims that he and his fellow *teabaggers have been insulted, he says that liberal policies are akin to what’s happening in Communist Cuba. What Cameron chose to ignore was the best part of Bachmann’s crazy clown car caucus which so loves minorities (34 white men and one white woman so far) – and that was after she said that they weren’t there to “vouch for” or control the Tea Party but – ready for it – “We’re the receptacle.” If “receptacle” means container, does that mean that they’re the trash can for the Tea Party? The term "empty vessel" comes to mind. Sounds like some refudiation is in order!

*A fanatic Fox fan is counting the number of times I've said this word. I've lost count; but I'm sure he'll let me know my tally!


No racism in the Tea Party!