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Bill O’Reilly Pulls Another “Fact” From You Know Where

Reported by Priscilla - July 21, 2010 -

In what could have been an otherwise reasonable discussion of immigration issues with Mat Staver, of the conservative Christian Liberty Counsel, Bill O’Reilly dumped another “bold, fresh” one. I don’t if Fox “News” mandates that each anchor produce at least one right wing talking point per show, or if Bill was just channeling his own version of reality; but the thing is that, once again, Bill has no problem articulating dubious data. Staver is part of a growing evangelical movement that supports both a tough border policy and an earned path to citizenship for those here illegally. O’Reilly’s priority is a tough border policy and as such Bill wants more National Guard on the border which might be difficult because many of them are in Iraq and Afghanistan! In talking about the border, he said that while Obama is sending 1200 troops to the border “you and I know that’s not nearly enough.” (So Bill is a mind reader?) He then added – ready for it? Badda Boom – “both you and I know that the President really doesn’t want to do that and neither did President Bush." (So Bill is now reading Obama’s and Bush’s minds?) Bill, in reading the American mind, said that “Americans can’t figure out why doesn’t the President of the United States want to send 10,000 guardsmen to the border…” Oh really, is that what Americans are trying to figure out? Bill wanted to know why Obama “doesn’t want to send the 10,000.” Gee Bill, I don’t know. Why don’t you ask him! But nice piece of propaganda – set up a meme based on speculation and repeat it as fact – in this case, a fact pulled straight out of an area where the “sun don’t shine!”