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Andrew Breitbart: I Released Sherrod Tape To Discredit The NAACP

Reported by Ellen - July 21, 2010 -

How many passes is Andrew Breitbart going to get for race baiting via deceptive videos? It's not so surprising that Fox News has an endless, forgiving appetite for his material but why isn't he reviled everywhere else with disgust and disbelief? First, Breitbart released the now-discredited ACORN videos and now he has put out a deceptively edited video of now ex-USDA employee Shirley Sherrod making her out as anti-white. Breitbart seems to have done no investigation into whether or not Sherrod really was anti-white before he released the video. If he had, he might have discovered that the white person she was supposedly biased against has vehemently defended her. Even worse, Breitbart admitted to Sean Hannity last night (7/20/10) that his whole purpose in releasing the Sherrod video was to get back at the NAACP for its attack on the Tea Party. In other words, Breitbart admitted that his “journalism” had a naked political agenda. That didn't seem to give Hannity any pause. How about the rest of the media?

Not surprisingly, Sean Hannity jumped on this story. He's ever eager to accuse black people of racism and ever tolerant of those who are bigoted against blacks. Maybe that's why he never mentioned all the dissembling Breitbart did on Hannity last year with regard to the ACORN videos.

When asked by Hannity about the origin of the Sherrod video, Breitbart said he had learned of it in early April. Breitbart said he thought it was “somewhat newsworthy but really didn't pursue” it until the NAACP came out with its resolution against Tea Party racism. Breitbart explained, “When I saw that the NAACP last week was going to reassert the falsehood... that the n-word was hurled by Tea Party people as part of the resolution to condemn the Tea Party, I thought this is outrageous... so I told Ben Jealous of the NAACP, you want to divide this country on race. You want to keep negatively branding the Tea Party, constantly asking are they racist? ... It is a technique of propaganda...When the NAACP thing happened... I called (the man with the Sherrod video) and he sent me two excerpts of the video... The whole point was to show that for the NAACP to spend five days on national TV to say that the Tea party is racist without any evidence.. for them to talk about racism, they should not be throwing stones in glass houses.”

Well, we'd like to ask the same question of Breitbart. If he is so concerned about racism, when is he going to denounce Hannity's pal and long-time Fox News guest Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson? Peterson has quite a history of making racial attacks on black people on Fox News. For example, during a discussion about a racially-charged primary in Memphis, Peterson told Hannity, “Most blacks, not all but most in Tennessee, especially in the Memphis, Tennessee area ...are so racist that they don’t even realize that white Americans have moved on. And so whenever there’s a campaign like this, such as this, they always use racism in order to intimidate white America.” Not only did Hannity continue to host Peterson on the show, Hannity refused to allow his other guest to challenge that shocking remark. Hannity remains on the advisory board of Peterson's charity.

Breitbart's dishonest promotion of the ACORN tapes should have discredited him as much as the tapes. Now his little tit-for-tat game with the NAACP has cost a woman her job. How many more racial witch hunts does he get to lead?

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