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O’Reilly And Goldberg Whine That “Irrelevant” Media Not Covering DOJ/New Black Panther Party Story The Way Fox Is

Reported by Ellen - July 20, 2010 -

Does anyone but me find it a bit strange that Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg should be both bragging that Fox News’ supremacy has caused the rest of the media to be irrelevant and, at the same time, complaining that it’s not reporting on the same race-baiting New Black Panther Party story the way Fox is? Why should they care whether or not their “irrelevant” competitors are reporting the same story? Since when does a corporation or a news organization hope that its competition does what it does? One obvious answer: when there’s a political agenda or in the case of the New Black Panther Party case, a racial/political agenda.

O’Reilly devoted yet another Talking Points Memo and Top Story segment to the New Black Panther Party case, though he threw in a few other issues for good measure. Like most other segments about the NBPP on Fox News, it was a one-sided discussion devoted to hyping the story, this time with the added attraction of an attack on the rest of the so-called “liberal media” for not reporting on it. I’ve yet to see O’Reilly attack Fox News’ own Chris Wallace who not only didn’t discuss it on his Fox News Sunday show but didn’t ask White House advisor David Axelrod about the case during a lengthy interview they had not long ago.

“In (Bob Schieffer’s) world, it’s not important!” O’Reilly scolded about a recent interview with Eric Holder in which Schieffer had not asked about the DOJ's New Black Panther Case. “Believe me, had the Klan been intimidating voters, Mr. Schieffer and CBS News would have been all over it.”

In the first place, no voters have come forward to say they were intimidated by the New Black Panther Party. A Republican poll watcher testified that some people on the street said they’d come back later but it was not certain that a) they were voters or b) they never came back. (P. 50 of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights hearing transcript).

Second, the whole point is that the New Black Panther Party is not the Klan. Although Fox News has long had some kind of fixation with them, they are not the Klan. They have nowhere near the popularity or power that the Klan ever had. And while I’m no expert on the group, if they did commit any violence, it’s hard not to believe that Fox would not be focused on it 24/7. As far as we know, a guy tapped a night stick against his hand in a way that was perceived as menacing and in another video he or another member said derogatory things about white crackers. Incendiary and hateful, yes, inexcusable even but it’s nothing like the Klan.

The fact that O’Reilly (and I’ve seen other Fox News hosts make this same false equivalence) would think that this rag-tag group of black radicals is comparable to the Klan says far more about O’Reilly, et al. than it does about CBS or any other branch of the “mainstream media.”

O’Reilly preached, “The old guard mainstream media makes decisions based upon ideology, race and elitism. The new media, of which Fox News is a part, covers what Americans believe is important to them. That’s why we are a dominant number one. I submit, we have far more influence than the network news does… This indicates there is a changing of the guard as far as news flow is concerned in the USA. If you want to know what’s really happening in America, you have to come here.”

Well, unless you want to hear anything that happens to make the GOP or conservatives look not so good. For example, I seem to have missed when O’Reilly, Sean Hannity or Megyn Kelly covered how ACORN has been so vindicated and those undercover videos Fox adored so much have now been so discredited. I also missed when any of those three discussed the resignation of an aide to GOP Senator and now candidate David Vitter’s after it was revealed the aide pleaded guilty to holding a girlfriend at knifepoint and stabbing her in the hand and that he is still wanted on a DWI charge. This same aide was Vitter’s “point man” on women’s issues. In fact, Vitter was a guest on Fox News Sunday one day before and Chris Wallace didn't ask him about it. How is that different from Schieffer not asking Holder about the New Black Panther Party? And speaking of race, with all this interest in the New Black Panther Case of so-called voter intimidation, why is there no comparable interest in cases of intimidation against blacks?

After the Talking Points, O’Reilly brought on Goldberg. The two of them gleefully opined that the liberal media is obsolete at least partly thanks to Fox News. “History has a way in America… of correcting bad things in the country and I think we’re at that point now with the media,” O'Reilly gloated.

“The so-called mainstream media, the television networks are becoming less and less relevant by the day,” Goldberg crowed. He later bragged about how Fox News “pushed” the Van Jones story and the ACORN story and complained that the New York Times hadn’t. So, Bernie, where is the ACORN repudiation? Where’s the Fox News reporting on the discrediting of the ACORN tapes? In fact, why didn't you mention it right there and then?

O’Reilly added that Howard Kurtz of CNN “continues to promote this fallacy that we’re in business to promote the Republican Party and to promote a conservative agenda… My contention and I think your contention is that we report the news better, better! Certainly than CNN which is going right down the drain. OK? And the Washington Post which misses story after story after story seemingly because of ideological reasons.”

Goldberg added, “The old media isn’t totally dead yet but it’s dying.. Here’s the news. Fox has become the mainstream in America.”

Then why do they care so much that the “dying,” “irrelevant,” “ideological” media isn't covering the news the way they do?

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