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Has Gretchen Carlson Flip Flopped On Teh Gay?

Reported by Priscilla - July 20, 2010 -

In my thread about Bill O’Reilly’s homophobic presentation of a Montana health curriculum, that includes age appropriate sex education, I noted that Gretchen Carlson, based on her response to O'Reilly, would seem to have a problem with teh gay. It wasn’t surprising as only a couple of weeks ago, the former Miss America said that she doesn’t let her young children listen to “I Kissed a Girl and I Liked It” because, one assumes, that would induce them to become gay – a thought articulated by “American Taliban” Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, who, on a segment moderated by Gretch, said that a sex ed curriculum which includes reference to same sex attraction could turn kids gay. But a fanatic Fox fan informed me that Gretch recently told Bill O’Reilly that she thought homosexuality was “morally acceptable.” He was right. Gretch did articulate a view which earned her the approbation of Brent Bozell, a major general in the culture war who does not share this view and is so homophobic that he criticized the popular Fox entertainment show “Glee” for its favorable presentation of gay characters. So why did Gretch agree with Bill’s recent homophobic tirade, in which he lied about what is being proposed for Montana Kindergarten students and went into homophobic histrionics about the dangers of teaching tolerance regarding people who (not in Bill’s world) are successfully raising families? Rather than articulating her view that homosexuality is “morally acceptable,” Gretch agreed with Bill and expressed shock over this curriculum. Was “Queerty’s” article about the O’Reilly tirade accurate? - “Bill O'Reilly + Gretchen Carlson Can't Bear to See the Day When Montana 1st Graders Learn About Gays.” Has Gretchen Carlson done a flippity floppity on teh gay? I report, you decide!