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Steve Doocy Reports “Prayer Crackdown In DC” By Prayer Police! Jesus Wept!

Reported by Priscilla - July 19, 2010 -

America’s morning Christian fellowship show, otherwise known as Fox & Friends, provides holy sanctuary for any and all Christians who want to whine about how much the evil, librul, Satanic forces are thwarting their attempt to innocently praise the Lord. It’s not just Jesus who is weeping; but, presumably, the Fox & Friends audience who, once again, are hearing about yet another sob story concerning how good Christians are being attacked – and this time by the evil, librul, Satanic forces of the Supreme Court. I supposed once they dry the tears, they’ll be outraged and Fox “News” will know that they’ve done their job. Now that the flap about the Montana curriculum is dying down, Fox, as the mouthpiece for the Christian right, needs something get all jihad (whoops crusade) about. This time, it started with conservative, Christian, culture clubber Todd Starnes, on the Hannity show. That was last week. It’s now creeping over into Fox “opinion” news. When I first watched Starnes and Hannity, I realized that it wouldn’t be long…!!!

Starnes “broke” the “news” on his website in an article titled “Cop Tells Kids To Stop Praying At Supreme Court.” The word “allegedly” is contained in the first sentence which reported that when some good Christian students, from Arizona, were in a “prayer circle” outside the Supreme Court, a court police officer told them to stop praying because they were breaking the law. Starnes adds that Nate Kellum, from the “Alliance Defense Fund,” a persecuted Christian chaser law firm, told Fox Radio (who else!) that the students were “abruptly” interrupted. This attorney has sent a letter to the Supreme Court “urging them to stop their police officers from banning prayers.” A court public information officer told Fox Radio that there is no such prohibition but that the law prohibits “demonstrations” and other activities that “may draw a crowd.” (Statute here) So not surprisingly, good Christians Starnes and Hannity whined about this on Hannity’s show where, not surprisingly, Attorney Kellum appeared. Not surprisingly, this newest Christian “outrage” (the word used by right wing GOP Arizona Congressman Trent Franks) is now being promoted on Fox & Friends and a bunch of Christian websites, World Net Daily, and (drum roll please) Fox News – which has Todd’s article.

As Steve Doocy reported the backstory, the agitprop chyron was “Illegal To Pray? Police In DC Tell Prayer Group To Stop.” The graphic next to the chyron was a pair of praying hands – which should be the logo for Fox & Friends (along with Christian cross!). Doocy said that a group of students, on the day before the sacred National Day of Prayer, were “actually told to stop praying in public, by police, twice. Doocy introduced his guests, in a "TV Exclusive," Maureen Rigo, from Wickenburg Christian Academy, and (drum roll please) Nate Kellum to explain this “disturbing story.” With his best jazz hands, Doocy dramatically summarized the story. He noted that the students stopped, on the steps of the Supreme Court, and then he asked “what did you do?” She admitted that they went higher up the stairs than the police allowed to take photos and then stopped on a landing for “teaching time.” Another chyron intended as “statement of fact”: “"Prayer Not Welcome In DC, School Group Told Praying Is Illegal" – note, nobody is saying that prayer isn’t welcome in DC except Fox “News.” After they had a little lesson about the Supreme Court, everybody bowed their heads and lowered their voices to pray. She said that the police officer wasn’t saying that they couldn’t pray (contradicts above chyron) but that they couldn’t do it there. The teacher was “stunned” because, she claims, that this is the first time that this has happened during the school’s visits to DC. Doocy said that it was “stunning” and asked if the “guy” said “this is the law you’re breaking or anything like that?” She replied in the negative and said that because they didn’t want to create a scene, they went down to street level. Meanwhile another contradictory chyron: “Students Told Praying Is Illegal, Supreme Court Police Told Group To Leave.” Doocy said “oh boy” and referenced the letter that Kellum has sent to the Supreme Court. He asked Keller what rule “they think” the group had broken. Doocy shook his head in dismay as Kellum said that they cited a law about small groups “drawing attention to themselves.” He claimed that when the class “talked” that was OK but when they dropped their heads, that’s when they were stopped. Unlike the passive and professional Alysin Camerota, Doocy said “ah, man, that is so crazy.” The next chyron has to be the most bogus, incendiary, and propagandistic piece of cow manure that I’ve seen on Fox & Friends (and I’ve seen a lot)

Prayer Crackdown In DC, School Group Runs Into Prayer Police

Doocy wanted to be kept up on the issue because “you’d like to think you’d be able to pray on the stairs of the Supreme Court."

Comment: What do you think Doocy’s reaction would have been if a bunch if Imams were told to stop praying on the steps of the Supreme Court? But don’t ya love the smell of Christian outrage in the morning?!