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Fox News Welcomes Back “Entrepreneur” Fran Tarkenton Without Mentioning His History Of Corporate Fraud

Reported by Ellen - July 18, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

A couple of months ago, we posted about Your World with Neil Cavuto welcoming “savvy businessman” and “great entrepreneur” NFL Hall-of-Famer Fran Tarkenton without bothering to mention that Tarkenton had a little unpleasant history with the SEC. Specifically, in 1999, Tarkenton settled with the SEC after being accused of "fraudulently inflating by millions of dollars” his company’s earnings. Tarkenton agreed to pay $54,187 in restitution and a fine of $100,000. As we said in March, he's probably the last guy you’d want to talk to about business, unless you're Neil Cavuto. During Tarkenton’s previous appearance on the show, he attacked the Obama administration for not having enough business acumen regarding health care. Last week (7/13/10), Tarkenton returned to offer the “entrepreneurial” view of President Obama’s meeting with business leaders that day. “We report, you decide” Your World again failed to tell its viewers about Tarkenton’s questionable past.

Cavuto threw aside any pretense of neutrality by starting with a clip from the movie Shallow Hal and then joking, "We are not, we are not saying that the President is shallow like Hal, but this dance he's doing with business leaders today might very well be.” Comment: Cheap shot alert!

Tarkenton, introduced merely as "entrepreneur and NFL Hall-of-Famer,” said, “It's laughable… (Obama's) a lot of things, but he's not pro-business… The health care bill, raising taxes, talk about raising taxes, redistribute the wealth… That uncertainty in the business world is just stagnated the growth of jobs… There's not going to be any growth of jobs. Businesses as reported 2-3 weeks ago have now doubled the cash that they have… because all of us out here in mainstream America… we're uncertain. Well, we’re not. We're really certain that this is an anti-business environment."

Cavuto, who called Tarkenton “Buddy,” proceeded to ask him a number of questions designed to elicit his views on business, including, “You’re sitting down with the President of the United States and these other business leaders... What would business guys like yourself want to see? If you had a chance with the president, what would it be?"

Don't you think Cavuto owed it to his viewers to let them know about Tarkenton's complete business profile?