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Fox News Website Provides “Forum” For Right Wing Opponent Of Montana Curriculum

Reported by Priscilla - July 18, 2010 -

The Fox News website has a section called the “Fox Forum.” This page provides an opportunity for all kinds of people to express their editorial opinion. On the top of the page is the Fox News logo with “fair and balanced” underneath. Yet, a perusal of the articles seems to indicate a decided right wing tilt. During the past couple of weeks, Fox “News” has been doing its gosh darned best to promote the conservative “outrage” about a health curriculum in Montana which Fox’s right wing pals oppose because it deals with (gasp) same sex attraction and dirty talk about body parts – all geared to send Helena, Montana’s youth down the road to perdition - the reality being that it teaches tolerance and health with a small component devoted to scientifically based sex education. The propaganda seems to be saturating Fox media. Not only do we have homophobic culture clubber Todd Starnes (whose article on this was linked by Fox Nation) and Sean Hannity railing against this offense to good Christians, a warm embrace of outraged parents by Gretchen Carlson of Fox & Friends, a homophobic diatribe, based on lies, by “traditionalist” Bill O’Reilly; but on the “fair and balanced” Fox website we have a “Fox Forum” article written by Jim Sedlak, Vice President of American Life League. Right, President of a group whose ideas about sex are rooted in the 10th Century. Right, no bias from a guy who sources Catholic popes about “the age of innocence.” But yeah, a rabid anti-choice advocate gets to have his own article, “Save The Children, Say No In Helena.” No bias there, nosireee. But I’m sure that the Fox Forum, being “fair and balanced,” will have an article from a real expert in education or a parent who supports the curriculum. Ya think?!