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Fox "News" Chyrons & Fox Guest Say Art Exhibit Attacks Religion

Reported by Priscilla - July 18, 2010 -

The weekday Fox & Friends crew specializes in persecuted Christians. But yesterday, the week-end crew provided free face time for not just a persecuted Christian – but one who is “outraged.” Now that the “outrage” about the decadent health curriculum in Helena Montana has subsided on Fox (but not in Helena where school department personnel are handling the vile communications which were aided and abetted by Fox “News”), there needs to be another “outrage” to get those righteous Christian juices flowing. There’s an enemy that needs smiting and Fox “News” is there to provide spiritual ammunition for what seems to be an ongoing Christian jihad (whoops Crusade) to stamp out the forces of Satan that are just running amok in “real” America. And we know that it’s producing “outrage” because that’s the title of the video! (“Christian Outrage Over Anti-Religious Art” – note no qualifier on “Anti-Religious). And the subsequent chyrons let us know that this latest “outrage” is an “attack” on religion. Ergo if Fox “News” says so, it must be true! But once again, I need to commend Alysin Camerota for her ability to do a serious interview based on reason and not blind ideology. The contrast between how she did the interview and what was on the chyrons couldn’t have been starker. And the same can be said of her and Gretchen Carlson’s approach to persecuted Christian interviews!

Alysin Camerota, without the fire in the eyes that former Miss America Gretchen Carlson would have if she were doing the interview, described how a “public library in Sacramento is under fire” for a painting of a bible with the words “Warning!: May Impede Judgement.” Sounds harmless enough - I mean it’s not exactly “Piss Christ.” Camerota said that critics want it taken down immediately; “but is this government sponsored hostility toward religion or just freedom of expression?” The chyron was a statement of Fox “fact” and not even a Cavuto marked question: “Anti Religious Art, Public Library Exhibit Attacks Religion.” She introduced Brad Dacus, of the Christian right wing legal group of persecuted Christian chasers, the Pacific Justice Institute. We saw Dacus, on Fox & Friends, when he was representing a persecuted public school music teacher who was playing Christian hymns in her class and later, when he discussed 'the gay agenda" in California schools. Brad is a true Christian jihadist (whoops crusader) who compared the fight against Prop 8 to the fight against Hitler.

Dacus wants the painting removed. He claimed that this isn’t a free speech issue because the exhibit is taxpayer supported and being held in a public law library where “people go for equal treatment” but (gasp) “they have to walk past something and pay indirect homage to something that insults them.” Not mentioned was that the exhibit was sponsored by “California Lawyers for the Arts.” He said “it has no place in a tax payer supported library.” Chyron: “Library Called Anti Christian” (by whom, a bunch of radical Christians). Unlike Carlson (or Doocy or Kilmeade who would be heartily agreeing with Dacus) Camerota remained impassive and asked why Dacus thought that this was a violation of the Constitution. In what had to be a bizarre interpretation of the “Establishment Clause,” Dacus said the 1st Amendment “forbids government hostility towards religion” and that is what is happening here. He claimed that the artist “says point blank that religious people are stupid.” (Oh, the irony!) He speculated that if the painting said that Muslims or homosexuals were stupid, "it would immediately be removed as an outrage…” (Uh, Brad, Christians don’t say that Muslims and homosexuals are stupid. They think they’re all going to hell – based on what’s in the Christian bible which is read by lots of Americans – as opposed to the Koran). He demanded that religious people should have the “same protection.” (WTF?) Cavuto marked chyron both posed a question and stated a Fox “fact”: “Freedom of Religion or Speech? Art Exhibit In Public Library Attacks Bible.” Once again, Camerota underscored how she and professional Christian Gretchen Carlson approach things differently. She posed a “counter question” (never asked by Carlson) when she asserted that this is “freedom of expression” which is allowed in public libraries. More Fox chyron fact: “Public Art Attacks Christians” and “Anti Religious Art, Public Library Attacks Relgion.” Brad maintained that it wasn’t a free speech issue because the library was being “selective” and the government can’t show “favoritism” towards expression that’s “hostile toward religious people.” He added that the Founders “knew that” and that no person should be treated like a second class citizen in an institution where they should go for equal treatment and equal protection.” (Like the US military, Brad?)

Comment: Hmmm. Is Brad Dacus and his angry Christian mob (actually there was only one complaint about the painting) trying to impose “Sharia” law on Americans? It’s rather ironic, considering that these are the same folks who get upset when art bows to perceived Islamic pressure – think “South Park.” Art is supposed to make people think – even if it shocks them. But it’s not surprising that the Christian right, not exactly proponents of rational thought processes, is objecting to this – but then this is the same gang that probably thinks that PBS, which receives government funds, shouldn’t show Renaissance nudes or discuss Bible criticism. But memo to Alysin Camerota: Forget the money – your talents are wasted at Fox. Find yourself a network that isn’t “fair & balanced.”

Addendum: The evil painting sold for $500 but it won't be removed until the end of the exhibit in September.