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Will Bill O’Reilly Be As Outraged About Utah Illegal Immigrant List As He Was About “Joe the Plumber” Confidentiality Violation?

Reported by Priscilla - July 17, 2010 -

In December of 2008, Bill O’Reilly was outraged about how confidential information, relating to Sam Wurzelbacher’s child support, tax information, and welfare payments was disclosed. He sent his “stalker,” Jesse T Watters to Ohio, to harass the state employee who was involved. He discussed the issue with attorneys and Fox contributors Megyn Kelly and Lis Wiehl. He, unfairly, smeared the ACLU for allegedly not having made any statements on the issue when, indeed, they had. We now know that at least two Utah state workers have been identified as having created and distributed a list of “suspected” illegal immigrants. In addition to names, this list has addresses, social security numbers, and even due dates for expectant mothers. As with the “Joe the Plumber” affair, this is an egregious violation of the state and federal statutes pertaining to client confidentiality. But this is worse than Joe’s case because illegal immigration is a volatile issue – particularly in the conservative areas where “patriotic” Americans dream about using their “God given second amendment rights” to do some serious damage to those whom they say are “invading” their country. So will Bill O’Reilly cover this? Odds are he won’t. Ya think? Hope he proves me wrong.