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Sean Hannity & Todd Starnes Think Montana “Sex Ed” Is Shocking!

Reported by Priscilla - July 17, 2010 -

Any perceived affront to conservative Christians wouldn’t be complete without full out agitprop from the “Holy Trinity” of Fox “opinion news” shows hosted by Fox & Friends, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity. I’ve already covered O’Reilly’s and Gretchen Carlson’s outrage about the proposed Montana health curriculum which includes age appropriate sex ed. So without further ado, here’s a recap of what Hannity and Fox radio culture club Eagle Scout, Todd Starnes, whose getting more and more face time on Fox TV, discussed on the July 14th Hannity. Hmmm, is there a Fox "News" show for Todd in the making or is he the Fox “Ed McMahon” - ready to affirm whatever shocking right wing outrage that the host is pushing?!

Obviously the memo from Fox management instructed the hosts to use the phrase “sex education starting in Kindergarten” and “outrage” because Fox hosts and chyrons have made generous use of the words. Hannity came right out of the block with “A Montana public school district's plan to teach children sex education starting in kindergarten has sparked outrage among parents.” He then described parts of the plan, regarding same sex attraction and “different types of intercourse,” that really upset the conservatives. He interviewed a parent, Mikal Wilkerson, who generally approved of the curriculum but was upset about “body parts” and “erotic imagery in art” (which is in junior high when students, presumably, are being “exposed” to things like the “Mona Lisa” and “David.”) She claimed that the curriculum changed the one man, one woman MT definition of marriage to being between “two persons!” (Uh, a guy and gal are “persons,” are they not?) Without providing examples, Hannity said that “a lot of these values contradict” his Catholicism. He wanted to know what right a school district has to “impose their values" on kids. (Hey Sean, same sex attraction and body parts aren’t values –they’re biological facts). Starnes then presented the curriculum as something out of the screenplay for “Debbie Does Dallas:” “Sean, this is the report right here. Sixty-two pages. I have read every single word. And I've got to tell you something, Jack and Jill go up the hill, and they do some really inappropriate things once they get up there.” Good Christian Starnes must have a very active fantasy life because not only have I read the curriculum; but I posted the parts (here and here) that he and his pals think are so X rated and they’re pretty tame. The rest is even tamer. Hannity joked about “Humpty Dumpty” and Todd referenced “three men in a tub” which is the beginning of his homophobic screed (“special interest groups” pushing, oh, nooo, a “pro-gay agenda!) about how Obama is supporting “Kindergarten Sex Ed.” (Hmm, Todd likes the men in tub metaphor…maybe he just likes to take baths… )

Neither Todd nor Starnes are educators, social workers, or child psychologists; but they questioned the concept of “age appropriate” sex-ed and who determines it. Starnes did admit that there is an “opt-out provision” associated with the curriculum; but Wilkerson said that the problem is that kids who don’t take the courses will be exposed to those who have and they will thus end up hearing about this even if they’re not in the classes. Hannity used the opportunity to promote “school choice.” Starnes then provided a shout out to his fellow anti-choicers with this: “But there's something else that happens in seventh grade. And that's when students are taught, beginning in seventh grade, that they have a personal right to abort babies. And they're alerted to their — they're alerted to their rights under the Constitution about — about those issues beginning in the 7th grade.” Hannity wished Wilkerson luck.

Comment: Hey Todd, I know you don’t like thinking about icky sex and icky girls but girls in 7th grade can and are getting pregnant – many by sexual abusers in their own family which I know doesn’t happen in your world where abstinence is the norm and sexual abuse never happens…But if they do get pregnant, they have a right to know that they have a right to terminate a pregnancy. I do realize that, as you are a very devout Christian conservative, the 7th grade instruction about how the Supreme Court has ruled that, "to a certain extent, people have the right to make personal decisions concerning sexuality & reproductive health matters, such as abortion, sterilization, and contraception," is pretty radical and racy stuff. I thought that you right wingers were all about government not intruding into people’s personal lives and these Supreme Court decisions support that concept. But I know. If we don’t tell kids about icky sex, they won’t do it and if they do, those pesky STD’s and unintended pregnancies will serve them right for defying Jesus.

Other than being a devout Christian who does some public speaking, writes articles ("gay agenda” and persecuted Christians) for his website and for Fox “News,” and makes Fox “News” TV appearances, all I could find out about Todd Starnes’ background that he was once a 300 pound porker who had a heart operation and then ran a marathon. According to his bio he won an Edward R Murrow award for “storytelling.” (LOL). I don’t know his academic creds or if he’s married. So ladies, he might be available (but don’t even think about fooling around till you say ‘I do.” Gents – I guess you’re out of luck – maybe. At any rate, nice to see that Todd Starnes is now providing affirmation and validation for the not so Christian Fox attack on the Helena MT school department whose curriculum is certainly not “shocking.”