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New Fox Co-Anchor Has Distinguished Pedigree!

Reported by Priscilla - July 17, 2010 -

If I’m not actually watching, I do have the 4 to 6 weekend Fox show on in the background because CNN has recaps of the week’s news and MSNBC has dreadful criminal stuff. Although Greg Jarrett frequently shows his partisanship, he does, on occasion, present some fairly lucid legal points of view with the legal panels which are a staple of the show. I also enjoy the chemistry and the banter between Julie Banderas and Greg. And as I’m cooking up some Jambalaya or some risotto, I do enjoy the consumer advice and (my favorite) the latest Hollywood dish. As Julie has been on maternity leave, there is a new woman who seems to be able to do the news and commentary without any obvious ideology and with a great deal of professionalism. When I saw her name, I wondered if she had a connection and sure enough Arthel Neville is a member of the awesome Neville family whose music, at various “roots” music venues, I have enjoyed for many years.

Arthel Neville is the daughter of Art Neville, founder of the wonderful musical group, “The Neville Brothers” who are the New Orleans “First Family of Funk.” She is the niece of the great Aaron Neville and the cousin of the talented Charmaine Neville who was in NOLA when Hurricane Katrina hit. Arthel was the first African American on air reporter at KVUE in Texas after which she became a “high profile” reporter for the “E” network in the 90’s. Since then she has had a successful career in broadcasting which included anchor spots at CNN before she went to Fox. This afternoon, when somebody mentioned New Orleans her eyes lit up and I knew there had to be a “Neville” connection.”

Best of luck Arthel to you and your wonderful family! “Et Toi!”