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Gretchen Carlson Advances Right Wing Attack On Montana Sex Ed Curriculum

Reported by Priscilla - July 16, 2010 -

As I noted in my thread about Bill O’Reilly’s homophobic lies regarding the proposed Helena, Montana “Standards for Health Enhancement,” the Christian right hates anything to do with instruction on sex and sexuality in the public school. They want our public schools to teach abstinence only because, as we know, that’s just so effective! As the mouthpiece for the Christian right, various Fox “News” opinion shows are tackling the Montana issue in order to enrage Americans in Montana and elsewhere about the attempt to “indoctrinate” children into a lifestyle of depravity. Weekday Fox & Friends, which brought us relentless conservative propaganda on the "Texas Texbook Wars," is covering this story. Uber Christian culture warrior Gretchen Carlson (who won’t let her kids listen to the song “I kissed a girl” lest they be seduced by the “gay agenda”) moderated both segments. The first one was almost "fair and balanced: but the second one was straight out propaganda. But I’m sure the former Miss America thinks she’s doing a public service by alerting the nation to what’s coming from an area that she, as she told Bill O’Reilly, once thought was a bastion of clean heterosexual family values.

Last week, Gretchen allowed a “fair and balanced” debate, on the “controversial” issue, between Peter Sprigg, of the Family Research Council and Logan Levkoff, sexologist, sexuality educator, and author. Gretch didn’t tell the audience that the homophobic Sprigg wants to criminalize homosexuality. His commentary was predictably insane with the best part being when he said that if children are taught about same sex attraction it could make them gay. (Really, no kidding!) About 5 seconds in, Gretch claimed the “sex ed began in Kindergarten.” She said, with intensity, that first graders can be taught that people can be attracted to the same gender. (Oh, nooo!) She also noted that by age 10, children “can be taught about different types of intercourse.” Fact Check – in Grade 5, children are taught that that “intercourse” is not limited to vaginal penetration – which is true. They also learn about abstinence but Gretch didn’t mention that. She asked if this was too young to be teaching these issues. Agitprop chyron: “How Young is Too Young, Plan To Teach Kindergartners About Adult Issues.” Sprigg and Levkoff went back and forth until the end when Carlson said that both speakers were right in posing the question of whether this should be the parental responsibility or the federal government in the school. As time ran out, Levkoff wasn’t able to comment; but good, ole Gretch got in the last propaganda word!

Wednesday, Carlson ramped up the agitprop. Right out of the block, the chyron was sure to get right wing juices flowing: “Sex Ed for Kindergartners.” With intensity, she claimed that Helena Montana parents are “furious with their schools that want to teach sex ed to Kindergarteners.” Fact Check – some parents support the curriculum. She added that “different types of intercourse” would be taught by the age of ten. (Eww, Gretch, is that, like, some kind of Kama Sutra thingie) Looking just so outraged by this sin and degradation, Gretch introduced two parents who opposed the curriculum. After Gretch said that they had three school age children, they informed her that they had two school age children because one of the kids was not yet in school. Gretch read from a sentence for the Kindergarten curriculum: “Introduce basic reproductive body parts.” She didn’t add that kids would also be taught that a “baby grows in a woman’s uterus” – as opposed to being brought by storks! Being the stalwart heterosexual that she is, Gretch then brought up a visual that presumably was a quote: “Teach that same sex attraction exists.” Fact Check – this wording does not exist in the document. The objective is written thusly: “Understand human beings can love people of the same gender & people of another gender." The next “quotes” she used were reconstructions of the curriculum and not quotes – but they were about sexual orientation issues. (Eww, scary gay stuff). Implying that the material was pornographic, she said that she “wouldn’t go into the details because this is a morning show.” As you will see from my attached copy of the curriculum there is nothing remotely R rated about “the details” – but I guess Gretch is uncomfortable with basic biology. Mr. Ackerman validated her point. Agiptprop chyron: “Too Much, Too Soon, MT Schools Draft Curriculum For Kindergarten.” (yeah and the next 12 grades, too.) Gretch did play a video of a parent, at the meeting held to discuss the curriculum, who supported it because not all parent are willing or able to communicate necessary information about sex. Mrs. Ackerman agreed that it was a problem; but Gretch dismissed it by saying that “some might argue that that is a separate issue.” She then asked the parents if there was an opt out for parents and when they answered in the affirmative, she looked disappointed. At no point did Gretch articulate any information from the Helena school department.

Comment: What happens in Montana, or in any other school district in this country, is the business of those who live there. But in Foxworld , we live in a national “village’ where the village elders of Fox News can dictate what’s right and wrong and if Fox deems it wrong it, the offender get a “Scarlet Letter” as the issue becomes a national debate. And I thought that conservatives were into states rights! But one hopes that Gretchen Carlson is able to teach her kids that abstinence is good and body parts are bad – and most importantly - keep them away from the (ominous music please) dreaded “gay agenda.”

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The section of the curriculum that Gretch couldn't talk about because it's so nasty! This section deals with scary body parts but the scary same sex information is contained at the end of the Bill O'Reilly thread.